TAPEZINE 004!! this is fuck off wreckords from something like 1983. featuring the impossible dreamers, white flag, here & now, and kommando holger meins

you may find a lot of information about tapezines 001 and 002 on fuck off records, at least some very few information on tapezine 003 on fuckoffrechords, but appsouludedlay no information on tapezine 004 on fuck off wreckords. so here we go.
according to the lack of information we got this tape must have been released some time around 1983 in london. as usual some of the bands mentioned on the cover or in the linernotes are not included on the tape, most of them are, and some bands not featured on the cover are included as well as well as some sounds on this tape can not be identified at all. i tried to figure it all out, and here is how i shipwrecked:

sickstay minuetes of tapezine 004:

- impossible dreamers > 05:00
- one million hamburgers > 08:00
- kommando holger meins > 12:00
- brainless radio poetry > 25:00 (end?) (listen to dave caddy directly in your brow, sir!)
- crazy alan dogend > ca. 25:00 (start?)
- our man in scunthorpe > 31:00
- white flag > 38:00 (listen directly in your browser)
- here and now band - bomb shiva shankar (39:00 to 48:00)
- gross katastroph (48:00 to 58:00)
- announcement of idiot ball room blitz and subway section; but my copy of the tape ends here. so-horry!

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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