secret crowd-rites at the brocken volume 3: a compilation of some obscure 60s garage noise from germany and circumjacent cuntrees for your pleasure

this is a coumpilation of mostly german all most european 60s garage noise, released in a limited edition of 80 copies way back some time around 2005. no information on this release is available anywhere on the world wide web; but it is appsouloudelay oppphious that the people behind this very shortlived series (in my collection i have volume 1 "behind the pandemonium", and volume 3 "secret crowd-rites at the brocken"; if ever there was a volume 2 i cannot tell) tried to copy the almighty prae-kraut pandaemonium compilation series that started in 1994 and saw some 15 volumes on vinyl, some subsumptions on various compact discs, and some more volumes that were only available as downloads right here in this-here weblog.
but anyway, those youngsters did quite a good job: they cared and carried together some greatestits and some forgottenlost sounds from whatever obscure sources they found. it is fun to listen to some wellknown wellpebbled and wellrereleased sound as well as at least a few tunes that are unearthed here for the first time since their release in the sixties. 
for today we are going to listen to volume 3 "secret crowd-rites at the brocken"; volume 1 will follow pretty soon. so here we go-go:

01 - countdowns - sexmaniac
02 - les sauterelles - forgot it all
03 - prophets - hey mister
04 - frankie farian und die schatten (cheaply disguised as wolfgang farian und die frösche, for reasons unknown) - herz aus stein (heart of stone) (listen directly in your browser)
05 - dynamites - tell me yes or no
06 - countdowns - i'm a man
07 - german bonds - sing hallelujah
08 - evil - stop running around
10 - rivets - now decide
11 - german bonds - so mystifying
12 - burt and gentlemen - i'm so in love
13 - the four renders - let's get together
14 - gentlemen - you never try
15 - evil -whatcha gonna do about it (listen directly in your browser)
16 - burt and gentlemen - girl number one
17 - team beats berlin - sick and tired
18 - dynamites - don't leave me behind
19 - the jay-jays (misstreated as the mods) - baldheaded woman (sorry; this track is destroxxed on the cd; only a few seconds have survived)
20 - hounddogs - shake
21 - knut kiesewetter - stop stop stop
22 - silhouettes - crying over you
23 - les sauterelles - i'm a prisoner
24 - strangers - for your love
25 - counts - don't bring me down (listen directly in your browser)
26 - blizzards - be mine
27 - unknownbonustrack - try me (sorry; this track is destroxxed on the cd; only a few seconds have survived)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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