ptôse production présente: assemblée générale 2: an international tape compilation released in france in 1981: featuring ericka irganon, wolfgang wiggers, die form, christian bitenc and many more

in 1981 the french label ptôse production asked the usual suspects of the post-industrial-tape-shock-and-horror community plus some friends and relatives to contribute some noise to an appsouloudely openminded compilation of whatever the artists wanted to share with the world, and they released assemblée générale 2 the same year as a numbered but not limited tape edition supposing that everyone was allowed to copy and to redistribute it. wolfgang wiggers of the worldfamous german postkrautpostiggyvelvets band kastrierte philosophen was one of the artists involved, his copy was number 16, and he handcopied the tape and rankxeroxed the cover and gave away copies of the tape for free: this is how i got mine.
so the music in the download section has been digitalized from a copy of a copied tape, some of the pictures were not included and i had to save them from discogs, and that is of course the place where you can find a lot of additional information about the artists involed. but this=here package is a nice package anyway, delivered to you as i received it some thirtyfive years ago.
as the music on this tape comprises just about 55 minutes, i decided to include a bonus track that you can take or ignore: a 20-minute collage of some experimental work i did with my band sturclub in the years of 2002 throughout to 2006 featuring werner voran, david dufour, uwe buechele, a.r.t.i.s.t.l.a.m.a.i.s.c.h., bankleer, andreas, oliver prechtl, albrecht/d. and some more. additional information on these artists can be found by using the hashtags in the right column, or by using your favourite search engine.

so here we gogo for assemblée générale 2:

face droite
01-d1 - anode/cathode - of the passive voice through the light
02-d2 - harry angel - television generation (listen directly in your browser)
03-d3 - mental - neonlicht
04-d4 - ruud kluivers - la nuova altea (extrait) (listen directly in your browser)
05-d5 - sluik - open window / untitled
06-d6 - die form - untitled / untitled
07-d7 - rob van wijngaarden - the red robot

face gauche
08-g1 - les chats - live
09-g2 - wolfgang wiggers - 1 track
10-g3 - alien brains - live (listen directly in your browser)
11-g4 - ptôse production - le dévoreur d'ombres (boule!)
12-g5 - ericka irganon - le berceau du chat
13-g6 - christian bitenc - 2 tracks
14-g7 - yô-ran - live (listen directly in your browser)

bonus track
15 - sturclub - collage

(mp3; all scans included; direct download) 

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