HEY! LOOK WHOSE HERE! iggy pop live in 1980 and live in 1993! plus two bonus tracks for your pleasure!

A REAL WILD CHILD: ladidies and gentallmen, herre is iggy pop presentering two live concerts he executed in 1980 and 1993 that have been released on compact discs in luxembourg in the early nineties. both are a lot of fun, and you will love them or die. so here we go:

so let us start with LUST FOR LIFE, recorded in detroit on the 26th of september 1980. for this performance the band probably included glen matlock on bass, ivan kral on guitars, klaus krüger on drums, barry andrews on keyboreds and steve new on guitar, these guys obviously presenting the intersection of tangerine dream and the sex pistols.
and though the cover says it is only 63:42 minutes in length, it is actually some 74 minutes. but never mind nevermind. you can here this:

01 - raw power
02 - i wanna be your dog
03 - dog food
05 - shake appeal
06 - puppet world
07 - knocking 'em down
08 - lust for life
09 - one for my baby
10 - search and destroy
11 - take care of me
12 - funtime
13 - night clubbing
15 - hassels
16 - louie louie / hang on sloopy

bonus track:
17 - the prosecutor (1992, from the opera the manson family)

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)

and now let us go get it on with HEY! LOOK WHOSE HERE! from 1993, a concert executed on the 27th of july 1993 at the cambridge corn exchange, whatever that might be. the band probadly included larry mullins on drums, eric schermerhorn on guitar, hal cragin on bass, and malcolm burn on guitar and keyboreds.

you will get to hear the following tracks:

01 - down in the street
02 - raw power
03 - tv eye
04 - hate
05 - real wild child (listen directly in your browser)
06 - i wanna be your dog
07 - no fun
08 - the passenger
09 - search and destroy
10 - fuckin' alone
11 - lust for life
12 - sick of you
14 - this and that
15 - louie louie

bonus track
16 - i'll be seeing you (1997, with francoise hardy)

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)


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