marion brown and gunter hampel: gemini (1983) and play sun ra live in concert (1993)

and this is all too beautyfull=wonderfool, my deedearest fellowers. the german freeakjazzpostkraut legend gunter hampel playing vibraphone and bassclarinet and the cooltrained esp-legend marion brown on alto sax hyperealaxing in outtawourldish reciprocessallness in the studio in 1983 and live in erfurt in 1993.

gemini was recorded at the legendary tonstudio bauer in ludwigsburg on the 13th of june 1983, and was released by gunter hampel on his own birth records label in göttingen the same year as BIRTH 0037. ten years later it was rereleased as BIRTH CD 0037 including some 22 minutes of sounds the both of them recorded at a live concert in erfurt on the 18th of june 1993.

here we go-go!

01 - (no 520) gemini 4:34 (hampel)
02 - (521) horizon 14:35 (hampel)
03 - (18) turbulence 5:21 (hampel) (listen directly in your browser)
04 - (no. 346) serenade for marion brown 10:19 (hampel)
05 - ask me now 3:38 (monk)
06 - (no. 457) new york sunday afternoon 4:27 (hampel)
07 - (no. 430) funky get down 6:41 (hampel)

play sun ra live in concert
08 - lights on a satellite 7:29 (sun ra)
09 - enlightment 3:38 (sun ra) (listen directly in your browser)
10 - spontaneous simplicity 6:37 (sun ra)
11 - (no. 608) information 5:17 (hampel)
12 - applause 0:11

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

and justin case you wonderered why eye called him "postkraut", here is some of the work mister hampel did with the very obscure 39-clocks-posse in hannover roundabout 1985: and though most of the links mentioned in those posts are dead, the music is still here and there and now.

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