drive to heaven, welcome to chaos: a very funny international compilation released in tokyo almost thirty years ago; featuring henry kaiser, fred frith, der plan, pyrolator, andreas dorau, john zorn and many others

exactly what it says in the headline: sixteen very different artists, mostly from japan, germany, england and the us of a, with a rather incoherent choice of tracks pullulating in the leftfields of weird pop, experimental noise, fake disco and yonderways beyond.

please note: most of the music in this=here blog has been deleted by some fnording idiots; but by the time being all files in this=here post are available. please enjoy.
drive to heaven will help you waste your precious time on a lazy sunday afternoon in a very sophisticated way: you're allowed to dance, in case you don't know, and welcome to caos (sic!), laydeedees and djintallmints!

here we go-go!

01 - henry kaiser - samma no aji 2:27
02 - picky picnic - welcome to heaven 4:34 (listen directly in your browser)
03 - andreas dorau - höllen-tingeltangel 2:52
04 - constance towers - great buddha air mail 3:51
05 - fred frith - wilder tongues 1:57 (listen directly in your browser)
06 - syzygys - le fonce 4:55
07 - lost gringos - unter dem vulkan 3:47
08 - laemonz - béla bodocampode 4:23
09 - henry kaiser - tokyo boshoku 4:15
10 - henry kaiser - kohayakawake no aki 4:15
11 - der plan - fackel der sehnsucht 2:29 (listen directly in your browser)
12 - tipographica - rhythm mountains~tanker 4:21
13 - picky picnic and pyrolator - murderer's night fever 2:15
14 - jumbo - the boy from ipanema 3:02
15 - expo - ebi combi 3:53
16 - john zorn featuring blind idiot god - purged specimen 1:54 (listen directly in your browser)
17 - fred frith - stay that way 2:08
18 - pyrolator - ritual 4:42
19 - henry kaiser - zange no yaiba 1:46
20 - bun itakura - lotus 8:13

welcome to heaven
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


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Sean said...

Listening I'm reminded of the film The Happiness of the Katakuris. Love the art and the serious liner notes which explain that it's not a random compilation, but a thematic one. All I know it there aren't nearly enough compilations like this one, thanks for bringing it to light.

Lucky said...

zorn sieht wie ein richtiger schnuckel aus! hab diese cd jahre her in einer krabbelkiste gefunden. salü, lucky

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Weird, in a good way, stuff.