four semi=obscure 7inchers i found in my record collection: gene williams from 1968, the jets from 1973, the jars from 1980, and the modernaires from 1981

yes, i was digging in the graveyard late at night, and look what i found: four seven-inch-vinyl-singles most of you have neverever seen or heard: and now you can find out if there is a reason (no, there's no real reason) to hunt them down on discogs or ebay. i transmuted the crickcracklesandpops of the annalocked vinyl to some godlike mp3s this afternoof, cramming and stuffing both sides of each into one long track (each, as well), so that you can listen to the aside and the beside almost seamlessly in one rutsch right here on this sight of the everning; and if you want to downlord the tracks to your heartdrive please be sure to save the pictures as well as there are no .zip or .rar files as you might have expectered.


so let us start with the one and only known sevenincher (and their only known release as well) of the jets from 1973:

reportedly the jets were a one-off drunk-afternoon project created by ken elliott, kearon o'conner and mike craig to outglitter all that sweet stuff that slayed the charts in those days, and that's what they did. the a-side is a forgotten glam=gem, while the b-side is a coumpletely different sounding tongue-in-cheap-version of hatfield and the north or even van der graaf generator.

a: yeah!
b: rusty corinthian pillar

listen to the jets glammering it all out!


next up next is gene williams, a southafrican singer and songwriter, who is living in germany since he liberated the black forest from the fascist scum in 1945. he has recorded and released a lot of schlagersoul records since the early sixties, sometimes using the wonderful pseudonym eugene william birkenstock.

this=here record is easily one of the best records he recorded allthroughout the years, with a dieter reith combo that never again rocked like this, and the lyrics are a wonderful mishmatch of german and british blabla. great.

a: my soul is black
b: rock'n roll in london town


not all too much is known about the jars; they were mik dow on guitars and vocals, armin hammer on bass guitar, gary nervo on farfisa, and marc time on drums. they released two singles in 1980 and then got lost in the process of growing old.

but this one=here is cool: a rather tame and nice a-side, followed by a version of psycho originally recorded by the sonics in 1965 in a hyped-up b-52s manner and then going completely over the top with the third track and stopping it appsoruptley before it starts getting a psychoboredelic jam. wunderbra!

a: start rite now
b: psycho / electric third rail

listen to the jars from 1980

finally we got the modernaires from wales if i may guess. in the early eighties they released some records on the illuminated label, frickled around in some obscure bands like brodyr-y-fin and the likes, and they were never heard of again and lived happily until you died, as far as my ears are inwolfed. 

but this little sevenincher, though corenpleateley worned=out and cricracrockeling all the time, is a wonderful tribute to the groundbreaking work of the early soft machine. starting with a little missapt quotation of a kinks reminiscence the wilde flowers had been using in the midsixties, and ending all out in some poetic kevinayeresk freeform noise for the afternoon show down in middle earth. take some drugs, baby.

a: we did it again
b: and again

listen to the modernaires from 1981




Man, thanks for the Modernaires single. I posted up their 12" Way of Living back in April 2014. Really glad to get this 7". Cheers

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I did some research on The Jars when I was collecting Subterranean Records singles for my blog (jonderblog.blogspot.com). I found two websites maintained by former Jars members:



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