dr. huelsenbecks mentale heilmethode ‎- a radio play created in 1992, featuring peter blegvad, john greaves, holger czukay, roman bunka, and many others; plus some borenusstracks

the radioplay dr. huelsenbecks mentale heilmethode was created for the bavarian broadcasting corporation (bayerischer rundfunk) in 1992 in onandonhonör of the greatlaid richard huelsenbeck, the selfpinned createur and inventör and innerwaister of the german dada-movement.

please note: most of the music in this=here blog has been deleted by some fnording idiots; but by the time being all files in this=here post are available. please enjoy.
using text- and tapefragments found in his heritage artists like peter blegvad, john greaves, holger czukay, regina moths, herbert kapfer, roman bunka and many others teamed up prosthumoresslay with william s. burroughs, hans richter, merce cunningham and all the others to create an assemblamage of words and music and noise. it is a lot of fun to listen to dr. huelsenbecks mentale heilmethode, and youth are innweitered to do so=ho!
so listen to the airplay in its abrupt use of originalated so=und materials in its entiredty; and find some two boredustracks at the ain't of it:

01 - ready-tape 57 - 1:38
02 - wir machen die liebe nach neuer art - 5:53
03 - militärische novelle - 7:17 (listen directly in your browser)
04 - rotglühende bratpfannen - 6:14
05 - röhrenhose rokoko-neger-rhythmus - 6:26
06 - lieber hasemann - 3:27 (listen directly in your browser)
07 - ready-tape 65 - 0:44
08 - natürlich ist das schiff voller deutscher spione - 7:30
09 - existentialisten - 4:25
10 - hottentotten-kral new york - 3:36
11 - i really was in a state of malaise - 5:09
12 - a dadaist hippie - 4:28
13 - ende der welt - 1:40
14 - end of the world - 3:56 (listen directly in your browser)


15 - phantastische gebete (richard huelsenbeck recorded this little prayer live to tape in new york 1967 and we found it on ubuweb)

16 - station 17 - feeger (the german krautsomiac vnoise-unit station 17 wolking together with holger czukay in 1990)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 


SonofTransitFord said...

Thanks very much for this - very enjoyable. J in Liverpool

Jerry Shelton said...

Hey, sorry to be a bother, but there's something wrong with the upload. Reup maybe, please?

rvd said...

dr. huelsenbeck is back (again); please enjoy.