the people under the stairs: original soundtrack recordings by graeme revell and don peake, plus some bonus tracks

graeme revell is of course best known for his work with the australian noise unit spk (surgical penis klinik; sozialistisches patienten kollektiv, et cetera), and for the soundtracks he committed for the crime scene investigation later on. the work of don peake was completely unknown to me until i heard this soundtrack of the 1991 wes craven film the people under the stairs, but there is a lot of obvious reasons to love him and his music. 
at least four different versions of the soundtrack are in circulation; all of them have the same tracks by revell and peake on vinyl, tape or cd, while the french cd version added a rare 4'03''-minutes-version of a track by the hiphop-unit readhead kingpin and the fbi. and this french cd version of course is what you'll get.
furthermore you will find two tracks graeme revell contributed to the soundtrack of dusk till dawn, plus some tracks he composed for the film body of evidence; you can find the cd of that soundtrack at rather reasonable prices in your local dustbin.

so here we go for the people under the stairs:

01 - redhead kingpin and the fbi - do the right thing (4'03''-version)
02 - graeme revell - suite part one 
03 - graeme revell - suite part two (listen directly in your browser)
04 - don peake - the people under the stairs suite

and for the bonus tracks:

05 - mexican standoff
06 - sex machine attacks
(from the soundtrack from dusk till dawn; 1996) 

07 - the house boat
08 - hot wax and champagne
(from the soundtrack body of evidence; 1993)

(mp3 / all scans and bonus tracks included / direct download)


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