punk rock rarities volume 2; featuring the users, the maniacs, the art attacks, the dole, satan's rats, front, the dyaks, the squad, the shove and the satellites

as most of these 7inchers have been part of my record collection for more than thirty years now i never expected this 1996 punk rock rarities compilation to really be kind of rare; but funny enough: it is. all of these tracks have been recorded some time between 1977 and 1982, all of them had been released on independendent 7inchers or somewhere else, and some of them have been forgotten in the process of growing old. and all of them are a lot of fun to liszten to.
and as you might have expected the mighty discogs is offering some additional information on all of the artists involved; and here is what you can listen to right now and here:

01 - the users - kicks in style
02 - the users - dead on arrival
03 - the maniacs - chelsea '77
04 - the maniacs - i ain't no legend (listen directly in your browser)
05 - the art attacks - i am a dalek
06 - the art attacks - neutron bomb
07 - the dole - new wave love
08 - satan's rats - you make me sick (listen directly in your browser)
09 - satan's rats - louise
10 - front - system
11 - front - queen's mafia
12 - the dyaks - gutter kids
13 - the dyaks - it's a game (listen directly in your browser)
14 - squad - £8-a-week
15 - squad - red alert
16 - the shove - raise the roof tonite
17 - the shove - violence
18 - the shove - pigs (listen directly in your browser)
19 - the shove - nutters of york
20 - the satellites - vietnam
21 - the satellites - lucy is a prostitute
22 - the satellites - i fell in love with a lesbian

keeping in mind that you might want to burn a cd and the house down i added some ten minutes of contrasterrating and unexpertertatelay fitting noise to add it all up to a 70minute bloodbathe: recorded in 1972 in hamburg here are peter brötzmann on saxes, han bennink on drums, fred van hove on piano, misha mengelberg on piano, steve lacy on soprano, albert mangelsdorff on trombone, and paul rutherford on trombone as well. 

23 - thebrötzmanntrioplus - the end

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


PAW said...

I remember seeing Squad many times in Coventry at the end of the 70s. One of those bands who weren't lucky enough to get attention.

Anonymous said...

Wild and ... i dunno: 'essential'!

The Users were a big influence on everyone in Cambridge in 1977.