cosey fanni tutti - time to tell (her 1981 solo recordings plus some bonus tracks)

no=one no body noboreday visiting thishere blog does not knowho cosey fanni tutti is and what she did to thee underexperimentaquilting yourth and nervherminds. so eye am not gonna bee mentioneering any throbbing gristles for the next fifteen minutes, if i can. cozey is best known for playing with her guitar and blowing the waldhorn, ork my forking gored, and so shedididid on her first sololalibum.
she recorded the/r all=bumm with a little help from heir fringes in 1981 and in 2000 it was rerereleazed with a little bonus track. layter on norebody or only a few boddies bought the album and so it got more rarel=lie and even morerererare. i dissaighted to share the allborenfreely with you, and dedesighted to add a few bonus tracks; iff youdontmind.

förstoffall you get the originalbum as it was released assa=tape in 1981:

01 - the secret touch
02 - time to tell
03 - ritual awakening

secoumd comes the bonus track corming from the 2000=release:

04 - such is life (listen directly in your browser)

thirstly yewel get some more bonuss tracks:

05 - wired
(an excorpt of a 2004 solo pfirrhermance live in london; from the 2006 coumpeyelation women take back the noise)

06 - chris and cosey - raining tears of blood
(chris and cosey ass they wear featured on the 1989 compilation the elephant table album)

07 - 11 albrecht/d. and throbbing gristle studiolife 1976
(from the rather obscure 1981 hörzeit coumpilation; uncredited but audible. listen to track eight directly in your browser)

12 - the bongos - in the congo (listen directly in your browser)
(from thee 1981 compeyelation start swimming; the bongos featured at least three quarters of throbbing gristle for one reasoum orrannather, though this not mentioned on discogs or annywaight)

included in the allinalldownload are some 40 pages of the booklet, some pore no graficks featuring cosey, and some more.

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


the saucer people said...

Incredible collection of Cosey related material, though I consider myself a fan, especially the early post TG material like the 1981 Trance album, I have never heard of the solo album, so this is a real treat.

Just to add my own small contribution to the audio and the scans, here is a VHS rip of the 1975 softporn flick Sex Angle, featuring the lady of the hour:


Anonymous said...

Oh my deer, great cumpilation, indeed.


anonymus no. 2