L.S. BEARFORCE - some german postkraut from 1983 featuring mani neumeier and edgar hofmann, plus some semi-rare faust tracks for your listening pleasure

L.S. BEARFORCE was a german postkrautheavymental supergroup (at least that's how they coined themselves) formed and disbanded in 1983, and leaving behind them only one great this=here longplayer.

please note: most of the music in this=here blog has been deleted by some fnording idiots; but by the time being all files in this=here post are available. please enjoy.   
L.S. BEARFORCE featured lotus schmidt (L.S. he=is!) on bass and tapes, mani neumeier on drums and percussion, edmund heimann on guitar and electronics, edgar hofmann on sax, flute and violin, and winfried beck on congas and drums. associated with the band and the recording of the album were german kraut legends like uli trepte, winfried schlögel, heike müller, julius schittenhelm, susanne thomas and ralf thomas in one way or an other.
their eponymous album was released in 1983 both as a picture lp and a white vinyl album in limited editions of 500 each; in 1999 the album was rereleased on white vinyl, omitting the liner notes lotus schmidt had provided for the first edition.

here we go:

01 - precussion
02 - unsung song (listen directly)
03 - dice dance
04 - punk tough (listen directly)

05 - stop!gap
06 - electronic intercourse

and here we go for the bonus tracks:

for your listening and cd-burning pleasure i added the semi-rare "untitled" cd from faust that was released as a limited edition of 1000 copies in 1996, featuring some early faust, some contemporary faust, and some future faust.

it's a lot of fun, sunshine baby:

07 (01) - not nearest by
08 (02) - komm mit (listen directly)
09 (03) - 70s event
10 (04) - sad skin two (listen directly)
11 (05) - expecting s. in love
12 (06) - fastened 60/60

and last bored not lost i added a short excerpt of the 1974 sessions that should have lead to the album faust v but never did. you may find the remains of these sessions somewhere on the internentwisewebb.

13 - untitled excerpt from the 1974 sessions for faust v

(mp3 / tons of scans and photos included / direct download)


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Anonymous said...

L.S. Bearforce is a great one for its late Krautrock date. Definitely better than the second Spacebox LP... maybe Uli Trepte was undergoing rehab treatment at the time, but that one was really awful. Which may be why he only provided the cool cover squiggle and no music for Bearforce. Faust are amazing and maybe the only real Krautrock band left standing? I saw them twice at two very different shows in the USA in the last 2 years and the only constant was Peron's manic avant-garde enthusiasm (Zappi was not at the 2018 show though he joined them later on the tour). Germany should regard Faust as a national treasure imo.