randy california singing in german, the suburban power-pop of the conditionz, and the contacts pondering about young girls and their boyfriends: three 7inchers for one hundred and twenty euro anyone?

one hundred and twenty euro; at least that's what the selfearorganized databankateers at discogs say; and now you can judge for beautiful sellfishs: randy california, the conditionz, and the contacts. please note: there is no .zip or .rar file at the bottom of the post: all the featured tracks can be listened to or can be downloaded instantly and directly without any annoying showstoppers; and if you need any of the pictures (and you'll need them, of course) you are asked to download them separatedlay onebuyworne.

soulet ustart with the contacts:

this little power pop gem was released in 1980 and seems to be the only release the contacts ever came off with. andy janik played the rhythm guitar and sang lead, marc ford played lead guitar and sang some backing vocals, andy park sat in on drums, and ian sandy handled the bass guitar. 

as far as i know all of themfour got lost in the process of growing old and left without a trace. meanwhile back on discogs this little 7incher changes hands for some fifty euro or more.

the contacts - young girls
the contacts - boyfriends


sickoundlay we're couming up with the first single of the carliforniaint conditionz released in 1983 in a cheap white cover with a big hole in it. morest of the vary few information about the early statues of this band can be found on discogs again where this little 7incher changes hands for some 70 euro for whatevereason, so i'm not gonna repeat it. i'm not gonna repeat it. i'm not gonna repeat it.

so listen:

the conditionz - she's so suburban
the conditionz - house divided


and thirstley you'll get randy california of spirit with a little 7incher you may find in the cutoutdustbin of your local record shop for some 20 cent or you may find it never at all paying his tribute to the german rockpalast audience in 1982; and you can all go sing a=long.

randy california - grosser herrscher
randy california - magic wand

...ain't that's it for now...

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