bryan ferry for your pleasure: some semi-rare mixes of limbo and i put a spell on you, plus some live recordings from 1975

bryan "ferrari" ferry of course is the real brian and one brain of roxy music, and if i really had to introduce myself or my myster, then you stepped on the wrong blog. burt you did not; you are here under will; ain't so let's gogo-a-go-gogogo:

please note: most of the music in this=here blog has been deleted by some fnording idiots; but by the time being all files in this=here post are available. please enjoy.

four twodie you are going to be listening to the maxi-cd "limbo" from 1987 including one mix of that song and the instrumental version of bête noire, the maxi-cd "i put a spell on you" from 1993 including some very long and obscure versions of the song, both of the bonus tracks from "the best of bryan ferry" from 2009, plus four tracks recorded live in 1975 in new york or london, goredness knows. all in all it is a very nice 76-minutes-cd for your pleasure, as i stated before.

all i did was look away:

i put a spell on you, released in 1993:

01 - the single mix; remix by bob clearmoutain
02 - the yage mix; remix by the future sound of london (listen directly)
03 - the haunted house mix; remix by sven taits
04 - the long version of the yage mix; remix by the future sound of london
05 - the council house mix; remix by richard t. norris and sven taits (listen directly)

limbo; recorded in 1987:

06 (01) - limbo (the latin mix)
07 (02) - bête noire (instrumental mix)
08 (03) - limbo (the brooklyn dub mix) (listen directly)

the bonus tracks from "the best of bryan ferry"; released in 2009:

09 - i don't want to go on without you
10 - a fool for love (alternative version) (listen directly)

live in new york august 1975; probably with john wetton, phil manzanera, paul thompson, eddie jobson and andy mackay as roxy music, though tracks 12-14 are rumoured to have been recorded live in england in the september of 1975; but never mind nevermind.

11 - love is a drug
12 - she sells
13 - the thrill of it all
14 - whirlwind (listen directly)

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)



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