albert ayler - fondation maeght nights volumes one and two; live in france 1970

the great=late albert ayler live in france, recorded on the 25th and 27th of july 1970 at the fondation marguerite et aimé maeght in saint-paul-de-vence. these performances have been released on vinyl in 1970 on the french shandar label, and got lost and rather rare immediately. they have been rereleased legally and as (semi-)bootlegs both on vinyl and cd quite a few times in the following years, but seem to be hard to find by the time being. 

please note: most of the music in this=here blog has been deleted by some fnording idiots; but by the time being all files in this=here post are available. please enjoy.

for your listening pleasure i compiled both of my 1991 jazz view versions of these recordings into one big file that sums up as a 76-minutes-compact-disc with all information you might need at first bite, though some additional information may be found by following the given links to discogs. unfourtunately all of these recordings have been un=masterd from poor worn out vinyl recordings, and they all sound exactly like that.

you can hear albert ayler on tenor and soprano saxophones, mary maria on vocals and soprano sax, call cobbs on piano, steve tintweiss on bass, and allen blairman on drums. so here we go:  

01 - in heart only
02 - spirits
03 - holy family
04 - spirit rejoice (listen directly)

05 (01) - truth is marching in
06 (02) - universal message
07 (03) - spiritual reunion (listen directly)
08 (04) - music is the healing force of the universe

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 

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