the mighty hawkwind and their mighty images in nine different versions from 1990

the wonderful "images" from the 1990 album space bandits has always been one of my favourite songs from the post-1976 hawkwind, and so i collected and compiled at least nine different versions i found on youtube and in my own collection for your and my very own listening pleasure. so sink a-long with us:

memories surround them
walking through the door
smells of dust and summer heat
embroidering his thoughts
the seeing hand
the face of fate
the shifting scenes i can't explain
the crazy fool who screams his pain
as he tries to cheat life's final game
whispering from the balcony
fingers in the hall
the well worn path of alternity
appearing here once more
it's gone now
it's gone now
twist the soul
turn flesh to stone
the fear and the anger
of the lost and alone
endless dreams of wasted days
slowly fade away
laughter echoes bitterly
there's no need to stay 

needless to say; but here's the band, in case you don't know them:

bridget wishart; vocals / dave brock; guitar keyboards vocals / harvey bainbridge; keyboards vocals / simon house; violin / alan davey; bass vocals synthesizer / richard chadwick; drums percussion

01 - live at the hollywood palace in december 1990 (found on youtube)
02 - space bandits album version / september 1990
03 - brixton academy / first of september 1990 (found on youtube) (listen directly)
04 - at the ambler cabaret in philadelphia / 30th of september 1990 (found on youtube)
05 - bournemouth academy, 2nd of july 1990 (from the album orgasmatron)
06 - omni theatre in oakland, california / 1990-12-18 (california brainstorm) (listen directly)
07 - space bandits 7inch version / september 1990 (listen directly)
08 - live in space 1990 (from the free cd coming with the book "the never ending story of the psychedelic warlords")

09 - spirits burning - live at the kozfest festival in devon; july 2017
(bridget wishart; vocals /martin plumley; guitars / steve bermand; guitars / don falcone; keyboards / colin kafka; bass / richard chadwick; drums / kev ellis; space noise vocals / found on youtube)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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