we couldn't agree on a title - the secret 2004 rerelease of a 1981 waterden compilation featuring colin potter, missing persons, the instant automatons, the walking floors, the victims of romance, the digital dinosaurs, robert lawrence, those little aliens, mic woods, the 012 and philip johnson

in 2006 i was one of the veryvery few lucky few to buy a physical copy of this compilation on cd-r directly from the waterden label. in the mean meantime they refused and resigned to sell those cds on lack of demand, though they still are offering lolo-fi downloads of most of their albums without any linernotes or trackliststs in their waterden sound archive for free.

this=here coumpilation was originally released in 1981 on the integrated circuit label and is now changing hands for half the price of a condomonium, and the 2004 rerelease is quite rare and expensive as well. but as the thought of free or at least very cheap distribution was a constituting moment in the beliefs of waterden, i thought it was a good idea to share a 320-mp3-version with some scans of the original liner notes et cetera with you.

so here we go:

01 - colin potter - behind you
02 - colin potter - we are so glad (listen directly)
03 - missing persons - buried alive
04 - missing persons - mama
05 - missing persons - electrical storm (listen directly)
06 - the instant automatons - routine habit
07 - the instant automatons - invertibrates
08 - the walking floors - if i could turn the clock back (listen directly)
09 - the victims of romance - 9 a.m.
10 - the digital dinosaurs - organs
11 - the digital dinosaurs - hole (listen directly)
12 - robert lawrence - heart finds a home
13 - those little aliens - sentimental (listen directly)
14 - those little aliens - low point x
15 - mic woods - why (listen directly)
16 - the 012 - blabber n' smoke
17 - philip johnson - the bridewell
18 - philip johnson - anaesthetic (changed version) 

for your listening pleasure, and because in my mind they fit, i added a long mindless improvisation that amon düül 2 executed live in the blow up club in munich in 1969. but if you don't you don't.

19 - amon düül 2 - improvisation

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Jerry Shelton said...

Erm... No link?

rvd said...

sorry, i forgot the downloadlink, but now it is fixed.