chris and cosey: the pagan tango and some synaesthesia mixes from 1991

the mission will never be terminated, ladeedies and coumladds, and no expectations will cease to be brok=end. and though these recordings are not all too rare, they tend to be slightly overlooked as a mellow whisper in the hisstory of a throbbing gristle. we got chris and cosey dancing the pagan tango in 1991 and some synaesthesia remixes for your pleasure.

so let us start with the pagan tango album from 1991:

01 - in ecstasy
02 - i belong to me
03 - synaesthesia 
04 - take control (listen directly)
05 - face to face
06 - feel to me
07 - go-go latino
08 - sin (listen directly)
09 - pagan tango
10 - cords of love
11 - balfigore (before the feast) (listen directly)
12 - sacred silence


the track synaesthesia was released as a 12"-vinyl-single, a maxi-cd, and even as a compact cassette the same year with some different mixes each. in my collection i found the maxi-cd with three mixes of synaesthesia and an additional track recorded the same year.

13 (01) - synaesthesia (daniel miller mix)
14 (02) - synaesthesia (chris & cosey mix)
15 (03) - retrodect
16 (04) - synaesthesia (dm instrumental mix) (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



philo said...

RYD, I was wondering if I could have your permission to repost your Tommyknocker series over at the Twighlightzone.

rvd said...

dear philo, please feel free to repost any content you find and like here at spurensicherung. i am sure the lolly pope would have been very proud to be honoured at twilightzone posthumously. thank you so much for your request. all the best: rvd

philo said...

Thanks so much. I'm first going to through and tag each song. So it will take awhile. I will also provide a link to your pages that correspond to each post
And I will first make sure everyone knows who lolly pope is.
Thanks again for your generosity

Anonymous said...

I've had 'The Pagan Tango' in it's cassette form since it first came out - but my last cassette player died about 7 years ago. It will be great to hear it again! Many thanks!!