the late amon düül 2 live in tübingen 2002 with broken strings and broken arrows

a friend of mine provided me with these two cd-r of a concert of the late amon düül 2 he recorded way back on the first of june 2002 at the sudhaus in tübingen, the southwestgerman kapitol of southwestgerman kassettentäter and other boring students. most probably most of the noise on the following two cd-r is provided by chris karrer on guitars, violins and guitars, renate knaup on vocals, lothar meid on bass, john weinzierl on guitars ans daniel fichelscher on drums.

the recording is rather (s)cratchy and chaotic, featuring broken strings, renate in garrulously minds and a vaginervose band unwilling to be cool and ready to jam-away and a mini-disc-recorder refusing to record long tracks as long tracks. so all in all it's the layed amon düül 2 at their very worst and that's their very best. here is no fun!

so let us start with cd #1:

01 - renate talking about schöne menschen
02 - don'turn too stone???
03 - la paloma (listen dicectly)
04 - jam
05 - mikrofonständer (listen dicectly)
06 - apocalyptic bore
07 - riding on a cloud
08 - allthe ye
09 - all the years round
10 - lightning sky????
11 - (die blume vom orient)?
12 - oh; rien
13 - metropolice (listen dicectly)
14 - fragment
15 - fragment of kanaan (listen dicectly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 

and here we go for disc #2:


01 - kanaan (listen dicectly)
02 - renate talks with renate
03 - surrounded by the stars (listen dicectly)
04 - applause
05 - chatter
06 - improvisation
07 - archangel's thunderbyrd (listen dicectly)
08 - applause
09 - renate again
10 - luzifers ghilom et cetera (listen dicectly)
11 - banterchat
12 - deutsch nepal

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 

thank you, andreas and david

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