ici maintenants, here and now, space & time: shake the post-hippie brainstorm, gong n'existe pas, summer solstice 2001

live, sub-analyzed, improuvized: the post-gong-post-here-&-now-band ici maintenantes captured in full flight on a saturday night after the new moon and the summer solstice in 2001. hippie-kosmischen tribal gathering space-rock-notrock with purple flashes, and you may pogo your minds out whilst lysearching on the flokati-rug.

ici maintenantes in 2001 were sheffe sharp de strings (stephen lewry; guitar), kif kif le batter (aka le batteur; frank honest on drums), twink el-toes malone (no, it's the other twink: paul noble. keyboards and synthesizers) and tim "timmah!" flattus (tim hall, bass) plus some friends and relatives

accordeoning to discogs this cd is rather rare, and noboredaddy wants to sell it buy the time being; so there you go. i bought my copy directly from the band way back in 2005, and i am glad i did, and by the way, all homepages (with the exception of planetgong of course, but you cain't find the cd there) mentioned in the liner notes are down, gonegonegone and got lost in the process of growing old.

so sing along withuss:

01 - galaxy valley
02 - dinosaur kebab
03 - beautiful jam (listen directly)
04 - fight no more
05 - shakalayah (listen directly)
06 - tough jam
07 - aya shamaya

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


spunkie said...

Very cool jams . Many thanks

olly said...

Not heard it yet , but I was there , but can't remember:)
So many thanks for the lost memories.

montysmusic said...

Just a huge thankyou for allowing Philo to post all the Tommyknockers on TZ

montysmusic said...

Hi Ralph would it be ok to post Tommyknockers on a blog called UK Psychedelic Discussion Forum please..I will of course credit the series to all you guys who compiled it
Thanks Phil

rvd said...

hi montysmusic, please feel free to use anything you find and like in this=here blog in any way. thank you for your respect, it is an honour for me and wenne. all the best.

montysmusic said...

Glad to keep your work alive and for new folk to discover your Gems..