the schneesturm post-kraut blitzart tape from 1983 featuring checkpoint charlie, captain sperrmüll, munju, embryo, dissidenten, schäggi bädsch, argile, nikel's spuk, kling klong and julius schittenhelm

this tape was released in 1983 on the german schneeball label to promote some new releases and the chaotic wisdom of the postkraut-postpunk-posthippie noise they tried and succee=did to conquer the world with. you'll get some tracks fromwaybackthen=fourthcoming albums, some exclusive tracks that never were released anywhere else, and a lot of funny and weird interluding noise.

for a lot of reasons i decided not to cut up in and out the thirty minutes each of both sides of the tape, but to let you experience the de=collage as it was meant to be heard, and additionally i separated four tracks that you can listen to directly right=here=and=now and will find in the rar-file at the bottom of this post.

you can find out more about the schneesturm and the schneeball on discogs, and that's how it goes and goose and every=one knows. the rar-file includes both sides of the tape uninterruptately plus the four tracks i extruncated for your listening pleasure. so there.

a1 - captain sperrmüll - wild und unersättlich
a2 - embryo's dissidenten & karnataka college of percussion - ein abend mit akaaboune
a3 - schäggi bädsch - plunkton (listen directly)
a4 - julius schittenhelm - schwindelwelt (erster teil)
a5 - argile - bahnhofstraße (listen directly)
a6 - nikel's spuk - der siebte engel

b1 - checkpoint charlie - als mein sohn geboren wurde
b2 - embryo - cimbalero (listen directly)
b3 - julius schittenhelm & cordyline - blechwelt (zweiter teil)
b4 - munju - kannst du dir vorstell'n
b5a - julius schittenhelm - scheinwelt (dritter teil)
b5b - julius schittenhelm - staatenwelt (vierter teil) (listen directly)
b6 - kling klong - stoned cops 

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download) 

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