eclectrionic renosovolution: a 1982 dissassemblage featuring can, hitler, john cale, the sugarhill gang, arthur brown, pere ubu and a lot of anonymious stiffstoffstaff plus some can and amon düül

this is a veryvery strange tape i found in the black holes of my collection: in 1982 the munich=based free and self=elected discordian pope molto menz sent out some blank tapes to aleatoric=chosen people asking them to record whatever they wanted and to send it back to him to be used and played isochronical with other tapes during a performance on the 30th of july 1982 in munich to create the effect william s. burroughs described in electronic revolution as the ultimate release of the most dangerous virus from outer of space. if this ever ever happened is beyond my memory, but some time later molto gave me this tape to take care of it in any way i wanted to.

the author or editor of this tape unfortunately decided to remain coumpletely anonymous, he or she or it just send back the unlabelled tape with some noise on it: side one is a 35-minute-collage of found and selected sounds by the likes of pere ubu, john cale, the sugarhill gang, joseph goebbels, arthur brown and a lot of sounds that for a moment you might be sure you know by heart but can not tell who it is for the whole offit. following seamlessly is side two of the tape starting with some 30 minutes of can that sound like they are some bootleg=demo=recordings but most probably they are not, followed by some ten minutes of amon düül 2 with an obscure live=recording of archangel's thunderbyrd and an impromptu=jam and closing upallout with some minutes of amon düül that you all know but you can never hear too much amon düül, can you?

you are supposed to listen to all of this stuff in one sittingandseting; there is no rar-file with separated tracks et cetera. if you really want to save this noise to your hard drive please be sure to save the pictures as well. this post and the music in=here is an impertinent imposition, and i love it.

(76 minutes / leftclick to listen / rightclick to download)

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L'ÉTRANGER said...

Thanks. Spun into existence on our radio show.