hallogallosuperneuschnee: a homage to NEU! featuring michael rother, download, autechre, dead voices on air, khan, sunroof, system 7, the legendary pink dots, james plotkin, jeff greinke and sturclub

released in 1998 this tribute to NEU! is a lot of fun. and what more can i say? you will find the likes of autechre, jeff greinke or the legendary pink dots proving for sure that they can't do any better than NEU! did in 1972. additionally the album includes an exclusive track by michael rother - who of course was one half of NEU! - deadicated to conny plank, the underrated producer of NEU!-music, and as a bonus you can take or leave there is a track i found on a 2004 rehearsal tape of my own band sturclub, which is coumpletely different from all of the rest and so of course fits perfectly well.

the rather comprehensive liner notes to the album are included in the rar-file you are invited to download at the bottom of this post, and of course the discogs entry will provide you with a lot of continuative information and some further reading.

so listen to this:

01 - michael rother - neutronics 98 (a tribute to conny plank)
02 - download - hallo gallo (listen directly)
03 - autechre - weissensee against im glück
04 - dead voices on air - fünfundsiebzig (based on e-musik)
05 - khan - für immer
06 - sunroof - hero (listen directly)
07 - system 7 - interstate (using a sample from hallo gallo)
08 - the legendary pink dots - super (listen directly)
09 - james plotkin - lila engel
10 - jeff greinke - im glück (listen directly)

as i mentioned before i found the bonus track by the stuttgart band sturclub on one of our rehearsal room recordings and processed it exclusively for this=here coumpilation. sturclub in 2004 were wenne voran, uwe büchele, david dufour and ralf siemers, and nobody knows if it really happened.

11 - sturclub - you NEU! my name (look at the numberer)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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