munich is the best city in the world of the world: some weird postpunkpostkrautnoise compiled by lorenz lorenz in 1982 and a 1984 compilation promoting the catalogue of the worldfamous molto menz mailorder


these are two rather rare tape-compilations released in munich (münchen) in 1982 and 1984; one of them changing hands for some 50 dollar on discogs, and the other one is not even mentioned there.

so here we go:

in 1982 the postburroughs=writer and postfluxus=artist and postcoum=performer lorenz lorenz asked his fellow munic musicians to contribute some noise to a compilation of postpunk=diy=music to be released on a one=off tape that was conceptualized to sink and to shrink into obscurity, and was meant to be forgotten pretty soon. and the concept did not fail; most of the artists involved can be found on discogs one way or any other, but this=here tape is not even mentioned there. anyway, the very obscure sub-bavaria-wiki at least offers a rather subsubstantial reference to the tape; maybe it will help you.

the tape "münchen ist die beste stadt der welt" came with a rather undersized=midgepetite booklet, xeroxed and cramp-stapled by hand, providing very little information, and it came without a tracklist. so there, the following list is a good, a very good guess, but nothing more. the following cassettetaperecorder=delinquents (kassettentäter) were part of this project, and they most probably can be heard in the following order as follows:

fruchtstäbchen (listen directly)
napalmformunic? (listen directly)

ski und der rest
mauvais temps (listen directly)
mauvais temps 
jah diskowitz
gorilla aktiv
gorilla aktiv
kohlenklau (listen directly)

the download-file includes both the a- and b-side uncut as one track each, plus the four songs i extricated for your listening pleasure, plus all the scans of the tape and the booklet. so there.

download münchen ist die beste stadt der welt
(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download)


 and now for the 1984 tape:

the acoustic catalogue for the "du bist so gut zu mir" tape and leisure retail mailorder of the gentlemen's gentleman molto menz released in 1984 provides an overview of the obscure sounds that were released on tape in the early eighties.

the catalogue came as two cassette boxes, one carrying a tape with the music, and the other with a deck of something like 40 cards with a strip cartoon on one side, and a listing of by the time having been long lost and vanished in the process of growing old then=there available products on the other side.

the a-side is a collage of ethnic sounds from all over the world, moderated by a pablo neruda poem read by alfredo garli. on the b-side you will find some german kassettentäter bands from way back then and that's rather nice.

a01 - alfredo gali - la musica es el unico idioma
a02 - marina sabina - pilzzeremonie (listen directly)
a03 - the pipes of jajouka - untitled
a04 - oum kaltsoum - untitled
a05 - embryos dissidenten im exil - untitled
a06 - head resonance - untitled (listen directly)
a07 - palo de mayo - untitled 

b01 - zimt - schnee (recorded live in 1983 with sven gormsen on vocals, uli mall on bass, le marquis on guitar an chris haas on drums with a studio intro recorded in 1982 featuring argee gleim on clarinet and ralf van daale with some ambient sounds) (listen directly)
b02 - glomdyke - südsee
b03 - sovetskoe foto - untitled (listen directly)
b04 - zusatzzahl - untitled
b05 - dreieier - untitled
b06 - ankles - untitled
b07 - das heinrich-mucken-saalorchester - untitled
b08 - non toxique lost - ich sah hanoi sterben (listen directly)
b09 - head resonance - untitled
b10 - lothar losner - untitled

the download-file includes both the a- and b-side uncut as one track each, plus the five songs i extricated for your listening pleasure, plus all the scans of the tape and the booklet and the comic and the catalogue. so there.

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download) 

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