ad noiseam! the cat o'nine tails! rock ain't roll! the rowlin' roar kings of the gar-age! thirty mince-blowing bands from 1992 and way beyond! the cryptics! the cunts! the creatures! ray condo! and many more!

just what the headline says: a rare-raw-roar tape featuring thirty tracks of mayhem noise-a-billy, psycholdeleric brainfuts and some underrehearst neoneonthugandrule released in 1992 on the now-defunkt what-wave-label in the us of a.

most of the tracks are exclusive non-productions for this=here tape and cain't be founded appsouloudely nowherelse; the entryee on discogs will provide you with more infoamition. and now have fun, gefälligst, and never mind the lowfights!

the a-sight:

a01 - the creatures - the acid test
a02 - scarlet drops - renny's riot
a03 - the spiny anteaters - skate (listen directly)
a04 - the ten commandments - behind those eyes (listen directly)
a05 - the marshmallow overcoat - bitter heart
a06 - the lost patrol - i know you rider
a07 - the cunts - my brain flew out the window
a08 - the mood - warsaw
a09 - the cryptics - it's a crying shame (listen directly)
a10 - the cellar dwellars - something to say
a11 - drums along the gardiner - bachelor 'til i die
a12 - the cybermen - why dontcha like it (listen directly)
a13 - the cryptones - lolita
a14 - the fridge magnets - rockin' rocketship
a15 - new avengers - lovin' the pain

and this was bee: 

b01 - legend killers - rippin' it up
b02 - the smugglers - jail bait (listen directly)
b03 - the worst - she's wrong
b04 - the 14th wray - blackout of gretely (listen directly)
b05 - the evil hoodoo - train kept a rollin'
b06 - sanity assassins - hawks and doves
b07 - the slow slushy boys - executive woman
b08 - al perry and the cattle - head up
b09 - the gruesomes - what's your problem? (listen directly)
b10 - three big scary daddies - troubles tymes
b11 - je & ill - sing malbun sing (listen directly)
b12 - mustang lightning - sally groovy
b13 - positively stompin - ain't i'm a dog
b14 - ray condo & his hardrock goners - willing and ready (listen directly)
b15 - janis k. - viva las vegas 

(mp3 / all scans included / direct downlourdes)


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SonofTransitFord said...

Looks right up my street! Many thanks. J in Liverpool