floating di morel: my mind is too expansive: the unreleased demo recordings from 1998 and 1999 to bemuse your lurid dreams

the berlin based psychoderaylightered band floating di morel was a mindexpanderating nonoise unit led and executioneered by the performancing artists mistress sabine blödorn and mister kai drewitz, both on vocals and all instruments, and most often accompanied by some assorted friends and relatives. born in 1995 the group meandered through a lot of incarnations, released a very good handful of records, and is still alive and knitting today.

most of their releases can be found on the berlin play-loud!-label, and discogs of course will provide you with some more information about floating di morel and associated projects like P.L.O. or the young scamps, if you look close enough.

for the (s)heART'core fans of the band this=here tape i found in the black holes of my collection should be a rather welcome addition to the body of work built around those two artists. this tape is a compilation of fifteen sketches and works in progress that sabine blödorn and kai drewitz recorded in 1998 and 1999 just for their own pleasure; none of these scraps ever saw the light of an official release. some of these tracks seem to be complete and ready for a proper release, some of them are breaking and bursting off in the middle of nowhear, but all of them are more than just vaguely interesting. for the collector of kastrierte philosophen or the 39 clocks these songs will fit perfectly well and will lead them beyond their own transcendation.

and here we go-go:

01 - selling the citron
02 - break even
03 - what else? (listen directly)
04 - dreamer
05 - trop pep
06 - yellow legs
07 - bang! on my soilent sister (listen directly)
08 - recycle (listen directly)
09 - tim bloe
10 - may die maybe
11 - R.A.I.B.
12 - enjoy your castle (listen directly)
13 - some weary moments
14 - travel with the flies
15 - after all

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


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