corona not glue! ain't got no snuffin' to do! hear's sum waistin' thyme allreddy! listen to the sex pistols, the vibrators, the piglets, the new york dolls, max romeo, screaming lord sutch and wire!

ah, cum on! you don't really neat this stiff, do yer?! it's a semi-legal coumpilation off sum earlie punk rechordings made in 1976 and 1977 mixed up with a bit of ska and rockandrole on worn out records that by chance was available in the reserved shelf of the compiler and four haronsake released in 1986. these recourdings can be found on vinyl if you look hard enough or as standalone compactdiscs or as part of a 3/6-bundle of cds or everywhere else so it's easy it is cheap go and do it.

but if and though theses tracks and traces are rarethere easy to calm by (herarexampled links tore discocks) i thouroughed it was orcpropriate tatoo play and pray and praise them them to all you lonely heartes outthere that have got to stay behind and gutt to stay at home in these times of the season of the witch of the virus don't be leaving home but stay in the shelter of your house and listen to the gratefuel dead or the sistress of mersey or these liddled antifacts of punk. it's appsouloudely no fun and you will always find me out to lynch.

so here we go-go!

01 - new york dolls - personality crisis
02 - sex pistols - pretty vacant (listen directly)
03 - keith bradshaw - bond is back (listen directly)
04 - generation x - gimme the truth (listen directly)
05 - the heartbreakers - chinese rocks (listen directly)
06 - the adverts - gary gilmore's eyes
07 - u.k. subs - waiting for my man
08 - new york dolls - lookin' for a kiss (listen directly)
09 - max remo - wet dream
10 - lydon o'donnell - d.c. 10
11 - screaming lord sutch - jack the ripper (listen directly)
12 - sid vicious - something else 

13 - slaughter and the dogs - where have all the boot boys gone?
14 - the exploited - maggie
15 - the piglets - johnny reggae (listen directly)
16 - sex pistols - give it some bollocks
17 - generation x - your generation
18 - the bollock brothers - i can't explain
19 - eddie c. - summertime blues
20 - the vibrators - baby baby (listen directly)
21 - dave and ansil collins - ton-up kids
22 - baby's got a gun - i don't wanna be found
23 - wire - 1.2.x.u. (listen directly)
24 - the stranglers - get a grip on yourself

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Psy Guy said...

Interesting album. Thanks

Anonymous said...

ooooooh yeeeah!!!! thanks very much, stay safe

Anonymous said...

I have to hear the u.k. subs playing waiting for my man...
I just have to.
I didnt know it til I stumbled upon this recording but once I knew they had recorded it I HAD to hear it!
I mean, wtf were they thinking! :D

Cheers for sharing.