in search of brighter colors: sky sunlight saxon high in the mid-late eighties: two albums on one cd plus two bonustracks from later on: a groovy thing

the postpsychtrancedeliriotirious advaintortures of sky sunlight saxon and heavy friends, featuring mars bonfire, peter case, steve wynn, rodney bingenheimer, rudi protrudi, carla olson, dan west, lee joseph and many more. this is wild, dangerous and beautiful.
you will get to hear both the albums in search of brighter colors from 1988 and a groovy thing from 1986 released together on one cd by the french new rose label in 1988, plus two bonustracks i found in the outskirts of my collection.

in search of brighter colors (1988)

01 - i hear the mountains crash (listen directly)
02 - baby (be patient)
03 - lighting, lighting
04 - come on, pretty girl
05 - put something sweet between your lips
06 - kick kick (listen directly)
07 - barbie doll look
08 - paisley rocker
09 - the big screen
10 - come a - here right now

a groovy thing (1986)

11 - starving for your love (listen directly)
12 - house of mine
13 - return of the sixties
14 - love dog
15 - burning down the walls of the city
16 - sha la la la it's a groovy thing (listen directly)
17 - medley over-reaction / hollywood blvd 

the bonustracks

18 - sharp dressed man (probably recorded in 2008 and credited to "sky saxon the seeds"; found on the 2010 album top musicians play zz top)

19 - summer of love (probably recorded in 1990s and released as a free download on the old version of mp3.com in 1999; unfourtunately i do not know if it is the same version that was released later on on the album back to the garden in 2008) (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



Psychfan said...

Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!!!! Obviously you don´t post stuff just for the sake of it, it´s always surprising material.
Thanks for being there in times of silly paranoia, me and friends really apprecciate the blog.
Cheers from Argentina