the berlin diseaster: the dilletainted laugh: the eponymous tape of die didaktische einheit from 1982: care if you dare!

they didn't care too much about tracks and traces, and i don't either. the almostly free improvized punkrautnoise of the berlin based band didaktische einheit was a coumpletely uncomputable loose cannon for most of their coevals, and it still is todie for the laterboreds. they came radicrally, conquered ridicilously, vanished raidiciouslay, and got lost in the process of growing old.

their entry on discogs is offering a few names of the entities involved that you will never be heard off about ever again and can not foreload them annieway. butt you can listen now right=here to what they did in 1982. the five or six tracks on this tape have no titles, so you'll just get the a- and the b-side as one 20-minute-track each, plus a scan of the lyrics they were using or not to sing along.

so listen directly, there is no download-rar or -zip-file; and if for any reason you might think you want to save the pictures you'll have to save them sepouratedly for any reason. the music starts with leftclick, and you can use rightklick to save ass, but you know the game, don't you?

didaktische einheit b-seite


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