vengeance - the jesus and mary chain recorded live in 1985 and 1992

three different dates, three different venues, three very different audiences, and three different versions of the living end. the jesus and mary chain live in concert in 1992 and 1985.

for your listening pleasure these three performances of JAMC included on the cd vengeance released in italy in 1992 are not cut into little pieces but are left as three long pieces of nicenoise as they had been executed. you can listen directly with leftclick or download the tracks to your hard drive with rightklick; there is no rar-file, so you have to save the pictures if you want to keep them. you know how to. and by the way, there is some obscure material by JAMC to be found in this=here blog: get to hear them live in amsterdam 1985 including two versions of fuck, and listen to the mini-cd that was included in an italian book in 1992.

the cover says that the first seven tracks on this cd have been recorded live in new york in 1992 (most probably between the 20th and 25th of september), and this may be true or not. the same seven tracks have been published on the strange fruit live cd claimed as having been recorded in sheffield on the 28th of september 1992. and nobody knows if it really happened.

01 - catch fire
02 - blues from a gun
03 - head on (listen directly)
04 - reverence
05 - far gone and out
06 - half way to crazy (listen directly)
07 - sidewalking

tracks 08 to 21 most probably were recorded in new york in 1985 at two different dates and at two different locations. there is no evidence when where why, but at least it is rather unlikely they would play the same song three times at one evening.

08 - in a hole
09 - mushroom
10 - inside me
11 - just like honey (listen directly)
12 - inside me (listen directly)
13 - it's so hard
14 - you trip me up

15 - inside me (listen directly)
16 - taste of cindy
17 - taste the floor
18 - the hardest walk
19 - the living end
20 - mushroom (listen directly)
21 - never understand


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