chim chim cheree, junge, joost, lloyd, die autos, EA80, luzibär and argee gleim: the mettmann-düsseldorf-postpunk-connection to end all postpunk rubbish in 1985

some rather obscure german postpostpunk restroydiated from some very obscure kassettentäter-tapes released between 1983 and 1985 with lots of crackles and pops. this is no fun, this is hard work. 

most of this noise was created in the stubburbian outlaids of mettmann, krefeld and düsseldorf, columniating around the primordial soup brewed by some odd outsiders of the alltoo overrehearsed ratinger hof schlickeria. this was the underunderground of a world we didn't even dare to wish it would come true. dark slime. dripping under. great.

so this is what you want, and this is what you get to get burnt on a 74-minute.cdr:

fist off all the never released bootleg tape of chim chim cheree live in mettmann on the 4th of may 1984; chim chim cheree for this live action were lloyd on keyboards, opi on synthesizer, jasper on drums, and joost was singing:

01 - the a-side
golden days
too much, too soon
another happy family
chains (listen directly)
heart of a siren

02 - the b-side
deadpan alleys
bedlam paradise
meet me at the monument (listen directly)

the second coming is the staatsfeind sampler that was only available to subscribers of the staatsfeind fanzine in 1985; staatsfeind meaning enemy of the state, of course. all of these tracks except for die autos (their track was released as a 7'') were exclusive to this tape sampler, as far as i know.

03 (01) - billy and the willies - cowboy dave
04 (02) - der böse bub eugen - sonne und regen (live) (listen directly)
05 (03) - JA! - schöne worte
06 (04) - die autos - niemals!
07 (05) - chim chim cheree - gods only (listen directly)
08 (06) - you know how to whistle? - liebe im urlaub

inbetween noise here now from two edited tracks from the chim chim cheree live tape from above for your listening pleasure:

09 - chains (listen directly)
10 - meet me at the monument (listen directly)

and least are some bonus tracks from the 1983 dilett sampler; the complete version of this tape with a lot of additional information can be found next door in my blog bewegnungen:

11 - die autos - die autos
12 - luzibär - ihr kommt alle in die hölle
13 - luzibär - akne (listen directly)
14 - EA80 - sid ist tot (listen directly)
15 - argee gleim - glasmusik

(and just for the records: joost and jasper were part of luzibär, lloyd and junge were part of die autos and EA80, argee gleim was the producer of chim chim cheree, and everybody else interacted with all the others in one way or an other)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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