sediment and wax-work echoes: some frisky new zealand noise from 1994 and 1996: the rain and the shadow ring

this ain't no harsh noise, honey, this is the coulty and knitternish new zealand wave of experrymintall snoudexcapes from the mid-nineteeth of the last centurray, vary foundlay and benign. but it's not harshless, annieweigh.

the rain of course was one of many projects the great peter stapleton was involved with, and the shadow ring surrounded bruce russel and his merry pranksters. both albums can be found on discogs, one is very expansive by the time being, the other one is ignored coumpletely. 

so let us start with the album sediment by the rain from 1994.

the rain were peter stapleton on drums, synthesizer and electrone=icall devices, kim pieters on bass, organ and toys, and danny butt on guitars and ecklecktronicks.

01 - dragonfly (listen directly)
02 - coma
03 - lost angel memory
04 - radii (listen directly)
05 - secrets of a rented island
06 - the blindfold test
07 - violet stains red
08 - corridor (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


coming up next of course is the shadow ring. 

for this=here studio=action they were darren harris, tim goss and graham lambkin singing and playing every instrument they could get hold of, with a little help by s. fritz, the vitamin b12 and richard youngs.

and here they go=go:

01 - you're holding all your feathered stock
02 - catching sight / of passing things (listen directly)
03 - brush mice
04 - camel or carthorse
05 - recovered meat
06 - rats & mice
07 - V.E.R.M.I.N. (listen directly)
08 - gloved-up

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

by the way: both of the downloard=files you can find way upthere are including all of the music of course, and a lot of scans and photos. a lot.

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Mr. P said...

A tip of the hat to you and I also appreciate you splitting the downloads into separate links. Makes it easier when trying to sort out the photos etc.