music for the new world: canadian free improvisation featuring michael keith and david sait, recorded in 2003 and 2004

a few weeks ago i told you all i know about some recordings that the toronto based band cracker and shoe - the underrated working duo of michael keith on guitars, david sait on guzheng, and both on tapes and electronics - released in 2006. today you can listen to some of their earlier recordings released in 2003 under the name mcf and a solo album by michael keith.

as you can read in the comments section of my post about the cracker and shoe recordings fom 2006 where i used some of the mcf recordings as bonus tracks, a friend from argentinia had asked for the complete version of mcf's music for the new world, and i am very glad to fulfil his request. as a bonus i added all of michael keith's solo record zetetic from 2004 as a bonus. 

both albums can not be found on discogs or anywhere else, so unfortunately i can not provide you with any additional information apart from what you can find on the covers and in the liners; and that's not all too much, i guess. michael keith though has a short entry on the pages of the toronto jazz festival and can be found on emanem, and some information about david sait at least can be found on discogs. all three links are good starting points for some further research.

here we go-go!

mcf - music for the new world

01 - 6:34
02 - 2:44 (listen directly)
03 - 3:19
04 - 3:47
05 - 3:52
06 - 4:11 (listen directly)
07 - 4:49
08 - 5:19
09 - 5:21

and more:

michael keith - zetetic

10 (01) - what is change
11 (02) - new (listen directly)
12 (03) - the determinate
13 (04) - with input
14 (05) - stability
15 (06) - the box (listen directly)
16 (07) - variety of quanity (sic!)
17 (08) - incessant systems
18 (09) - transmission biological
19 (10) - requisite (listen directly)
20 (11) - lament

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! listening to it right now, worth the wait, greetings from Argentina