i got bad taste: the weird and funny world of re-recorded hits featuring the liverbirds, the dovells, carl perkins, joey dee, the sweet, lou christie and many more

a very funny cd for a sunny afternoon, with or not without a lot of beer. a compilation of re-recordings of songs originally recorded in the fifties, sixties or seventies using as many members of the original groups as possible, featuring the rattles, the angels, the crickets, the comets and even the flamin' groovies and link wray.

most of these songs obviously were re-recorded at some time in the nineties or later, but most often there is appsoloudelay no evidence when, where or why they were recorded. burst never mymind, this coumpilation is just for the fun in and out of it.

some versions are rather close to the original version, some are much better than their predecessor, and some are completeredley over the top. there is no chance to get bored, so please don't. most of these records, by the way, i found in the cut-out-section of the dust bins of long forgotten record shops somewhere in germany, and nobody cared for them except me.

and contradictating the cover i did not include any recordings by bill haley and dion dimucci because their cheapotrashrecords are including their original stuff and so did not fit in the concept of this post.

so here we go-go:

01 - the comets - rock around the clock (live ca. 1993)
02 - the crystals - da doo ran ran (live ca. 1993)
03 - carl perkins - matchbox (???)
04 - johnny and the hurricanes - crossfire (???) (listen directly)
05 - the crickets - that'll be the day (live ca. 1993)
06 - roger mcguinn - turn turn turn (live ca. 1993)
07 - the angels - my boyfriend's back  (???) (listen directly)
08 - the sweet - alexander graham bell (1986)
09 - ? and the mysterians - "8"teen (live 1998)
10 - joey dee - shout (live ca. 1993)
11 - the rattles - meddley 1997
12 - the conturs - do you love me? (live ca. 1993) (listen directly)
13 - the tokens - tonight i fell in love (live ca. 1993)
14 - the dixie cups - iko iko (live ca. 1993)
15 - the original juniors - at the hop (live ca. 1993) (listen directly)
16 - carl perkins - rock medley (???)
17 - the dovells - you can't sit down (live ca. 1993) (listen directly)
18 - link wray - jack the ripper (live 1996)
19 - lou christie - the gipsy cried (live ca. 1993)
20 - ? and the mysterians - 96 tears (1997) (listen directly)
21 - the liverbirds - medley (live 1997)
22 - the dovells - bristol stomp (live ca. 1993)
23 - the flamin' groovies - let me rock (2017)
24 - the starclub ensemble - born to be wild (1997) (listen directly)
25 - little richard - keep a knockin' (???)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Crab Devil said...

Thanks! (I'm already scared, but a little fear on my part would
be nothing compared to the misery that the artists must have
been experiencing as they did those re-makes.)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks! - Stinky