under my thumb: the flamin' groovies live at the roxy club in los angeles 1976

is it the 8th of december? or is it the 12th of august? no, it's 1976! and it's the flamin' groovies! live at the roxy club in los angeles! they are what's happening! hey hey hey! sheik some action!

unfourtunaughtlay i do not own this record myserif, but my bromther sent me a tape copy sum thyme wayback in the eerlie eighties and this what you want and this is what you get! the flamin' groovies live in 1976! 40 seamless minutes! no separation at all! (shake some action by the way is faded out for one reasong or annie other; i can't tell if it's just my copy or a wilful feature of the oreginald record; please furgive me)

here we go-go!

01 - she said yeah
02 - let the boy rock n roll
03 - house of blue light
04 - i'm a lover not a fighter
05 - please please me
06 - please please girl (listen directly)
07 - up and down
08 - shake some action
09 - i wanna be your man
10 - don't lie to me
11 - i can't hide (listen directly)
12 - miss amanda jones
13 - under my thumb
14 - hey hey hey

(mp3 / leftclick to listen / rightclick to download / don't forget to save the pictures!)


Gary Field said...

Man, that was fab! The second incarnation of The Groovies in their prime.

I saw Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers in Vancouver BC in July '79 (1st line-up that included original FG drummer Danny Mihm and guitarist James Farrell from the 'Shake Some Action' line-up. CFOX made a soundboard recording that was aired live that night..I had the tape, lost it many years ago.
This Groovies performance, I am not going to lose! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great recording! The Groovies play The Lovin' Spoonful!

I'm partial to the Roy Loney era Groovies, and I met him three times; once at a San Francisco comedy club's Christmas Party, and twice at Jack's Record Cellar in SF. He was a truly nice, humble guy.