SMASHITS! 31 very different demo-tracks found on 30 very different demo-cds provided to the stuttgart employment agency by 30 very different german bands

hits! hits! hits! sing along with every song! i found all of these cds in the trash can of the stuttgart employment agency and saved their/my/your lives. they are aw- and wonderfuel, ridi- and radicoulessly loud and shmaltz- and shmattering. underhearded and unnoearthed demo-recordings by coumpletelay obscenescure germain bands lurking for engagermints and a contract wayback in the 2010ial years of our last century.

there is a lot of missheard lyrics, a lot of dilletantraism, and a lot of no fun, my baby, no fun. you will love to hate these guys and dolls, and you will sing along to any of their songs. these krauts are made for working.

in the rar-file waydownbelow you will find some pictures of eachandavery cd involved plus some more. some of the songs are just edited fragments, but most of them are long enough. and now get ready to sing out loud!

01 - pumping special - let's have a party
02 - acoustic fun orchestra - mission impossible (listen directly)
03 - olav w. elvis - blue suede shoes (listen directly)
04 - shazam - kon-tiki (originally by the shadows; just in case you were wondering)
05 - die phantastischen fünf - american pie
06 - karin & soul train - river deep mountain high
07 - phoenix string band - looking out my back door (listen directly)
08 - avantgarde - smoke on the water
09 - the diamonds - wipe out
10 - slapjack - twenty flight rock (listen directly)
11 - oldies but goldies - sea cruise
12 - slapshot - nur geträumt
13 - tattoo59 - rock and roll music (listen directly)
14 - die drahtzieher - tainted love
15 - the swinging guitars - how high the moon
16 - the shadoxx - i'll be back (listen directly)
17 - transatlantic trio - skandal um rosi
18 - acoustic swing orchestra - proud mary (listen directly)
19 - billy's oldies but goldies - johnny b. goode (might be the same band as number eleven, but probably it's not)
20 - elvis and shawn vegvary - great balls of fire
21 - boogaloo - secret agent man
22 - devils & soehne - 16 tons (listen directly)
23 - olav w. elvis - teddybear
24 - hot four - 99 luftballons (listen directly)
25 - juke joint ramblers - born in chicago (written by nick gravenites and made popular by the paul butterfield blues band, of course)
26 - so nice boys - evil ways
27 - the beatboys - poor boy (the german beat band die the lords learned them this song in 1965; yes i mean it so as i say it) (listen directly)
28 - jefferson's club - voodoo chile
29 - the new shatters - the night before (listen directly)
30 - kirnberger - life is life (listen directly)
31 - round midnight - ymca

and that's it for now.

(mp3 / lots of pictures included / direct download)


FiveGunsWest said...

Preparing for the punk deluge here....some brews and a rack of tunes. I'm loaded.

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful tunes on there. Glad you saved them.

reservatory said...

A ray of sunshine in dark times. Or maybe not, since Great Balls by Elvis & Shawn Vegvary is positively Transylvanian. Thanks for the rescue and preservation of this valueless treasure.