cracker and shoe from toronto in canada: two widely unknown albums full of weird improvisation plus some bonus tracks

the toronto based band cracker and shoe is the duo of michael keith on guitars and david sait on guzheng and both on tapes and electronics. way back in 2006 michael keith sent me some cds of his own solowork as a free=improvising bluesnoblues=deconstructeur and some examples of the deprimitively reprimatured mild noise he was performing and executing with david sait under the name of cracker and shoe.

though both michael keith and david sait have been playing and recording music, "music" and no=music for almost fourty years now they somehow managed to slip underneath the radar not only of the general public but even of friends and connoisseurs of experimental outsider=music. even the discogs=community almost ignores them except for the one emanem=album michael keith recorded with john oswald and roger turner in 2005 and a handful of almost unavailable sound carriers david sait recorded all through the years.

so for today you will get the chance to listen to an untitled cd-r of cracker and shoe with 16 untitled tracks, their "just fiends"-ep, and some bonus tracks from an album they recorded under the name of mcf.

so here we go.

the untitled cd-r, probably recorded in 2006:

01 - untitled
02 - untitled (listen directly)
03 - untitled
04 - untitled
05 - untitled (listen directly)
06 - untitled
07 - untitled
08 - untitled
09 - untitled (listen directly)
10 - untitled
11 - untitled
12 - untitled
13 - untitled
14 - untitled
15 - untitled (listen directly)
16 - untitled

just fiends aka cracker and shoe, recorded in 2006:

17 (01) - very good
18 (02) - curious how it will print (listen directly)
19 (03) - swimlots
20 (04) - eat pie
21 (05) - just fiends
22 (06) - no summer school (listen directly)

plus three bonus tracks from the album "music for the new world" by mcf from 2003:

23 - 4:11
24 - 5:21 (listen directly)
25 - 6:34

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



Anonymous said...

thanks, the last 3 tracks are beautiful, did they release more music with that project? Do you have the full album?. Greetings from Argentina

rvd said...

dear anonymous from argentina: yes, i will post the complete mcf-album plus some more from michael keith in the not all too distant future. thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

A bit late here (lived without internet for the past month, interest experience though), thank you for answering, ill be waiting for that one, I listen regulary to the 3 tracks you shared. Best regards and thank you for all of the rare and unknown music you post.