kevin ayers: what more can i say? (the reel demo recordings from the early seventies plus some bonustracks featuring lol coxhill, soft machine, gong and some more)


bassism, baby. kevin ayers is my kind of a cool banananana, mon amour. send your parents to sleep and listen to him pissing on a violin and et cetera blabla and you woodn't be hear nore evan existe pas iff you diddent know/knew/now wot eyem singinging about in the morning yes theirs no tumor roar no todie. the kevin is the kevin in all of us in all in oursold.

this greatgreatgreat album full of rawpowdered sketches and dissaspearing fraqmints was released by the greatgreatgreat reel recordings in 2008 and though it is greatgreatgreat as a standalone in itself i added some greatgreatgreat bonustracks for your listening pleasure and had a lot of fun. what more can i say?

and here we go with the album:

01 - unfinished (listen directly)
02 - this song isn't called anything
03 - crystal clear (with archie legget and eddie sparrow)
04 - crying (with david bedford, mike oldfield and robert wyatt) (listen directly)
05 - clarence in oyster land (with david bedford and probably eddie sparrow)
06 - dreaming doctor (listen directly)
07 - what more can anyone say...
and here's for the bonustracks:
08 - lol coxhill - vorblifa/exit
09 - lol coxhill - a collective improvisation (listen directly)
(lol coxhill, soprano saxophone / dave dufort, drums / david bedford, keyboards / mike oldfield, guitar / kevin ayers badly dissguided ass "kirwin dear", bass and/or guitar / 1970 / from ear of beholder)
10 - kevin ayers and the wizzards of twiddly - short interlude (live in solingen 1995)
11 - the ultramarine big band - hymn (from the ultramarine hymn remixes 1996, featuring kevin ayers, lol coxhill, jimmy hastings and all the othererers)

12 - kevin ayers - hymn (demo 1972, unknown provenance, found on the "internet" in 1999) (listen directly)

13 - gong - clarence in wonderland (radio session, probably 1970. found on the history and the mystery of the planet gong and of course featuring kevin ayers)

14 - the soft machine - we did it again (11th of august 1968 live in davenport, iowa. mike ratledge, robert wyatt, kevin ayers. from the double-cd tanglewood tails, and included here because it sounds just like the following demo recording of the wilde flowers) (listen directly)
15 - the wilde flowers - you really got me (demo recording 1964, with robert wyatt on drums, hugh hopper on bass, brian hopper on guitar, and kevin ayers singinging. you may find out more about the wilde flowers in this=here blog way down below) (listen directly)

16 - kevin ayers - mr. cool (live in bremen 1976; more of this concert can be found in this=here your favouriot blog by following the following link)

17 - kevin ayers and the wizzards of twiddly - stranger in blue suede shoes (live in solingen 1995; i found this concert recording somewhere hidden in/or/on the internet in 2016 and you can do so as well, can't you?) (listen directly)
(mp3 /all scans and more included / direct download)


a compendium of rare british jazz recordings from the sixties and seventies: trad dads, dirty boppers and free fusioneers, featuring john stevens, elton dean, robert wyatt, ian carr, john surman, gary windo, john marshall, kenny wheeler, lyn dobson, and even derek bailey

the first wave of the british free improvised music scene of the seventies and eighties of the last century was not just a handful of funny people playing plingplong brötztröt squeak boing dadadum to fool and disturb the audience, but their quest for an agrammatistic terminology and their perpetual piercing of conventional listening habits was deeply rooted in modern classical music and in the european reception and interpretation of american free jazz.

the album trad dads, dirty boppers and free fusioneers was the last great work michael king compiled and created for reel recordings in 2012 before his untimely death. and though it deals with semi-traditional music it is not an easy listening affair. for your pleasure i added a coeval and apposite track by derek bailey to make it even more disturbing. this is what you want, this is what you get.
01 - mike taylor quintet - phrygie 1961
02 - henry lowther-lyn dobson quintet - scarpo 1964
03 - john stevens seven - number three 1965
04 - mike osborne / john surman quartet - an idea 1966 (listen directly)
05 - joe harriott quintet - shadow 1968
06 - amancio d'silva with the don rendell / ian carr quintet - joyce county 1969
07 - gary windo's symbiosis - standfast 1971
08 - elton dean's just us - beer garden 1972 (listen directly)
09 - lol coxhill & steve miller - for those who prefer it mid tempo 1974
10 - graham collier music - singing for the small change 1975
and one more track added on as an extra encore:

11 - derek bailey (uncredited bonustrack from incus taps, probably 1973) (listen directly)
download the traddadadadads:



wigga boom boom funny funny: the sweet excalibrating some of their greatest mistress on ear=th and a lot of fun drunk or not sober: some strumming outtakes and a lot of strumming bonustracks


gorgeous and ridiculous, fancy and awesome: the sweet at the wuthering heights of the teenage wasteland disturbing the sexual identity of any protopotential praepunk hormonic youth clandestonedly longing for a new error of re=bell=ion and re=volt=age in far=out=of=mind=takes.

a long time ago i bought this wonderful cd of the sweet's greatest hits in different versions for some 99 cent and always lost control again and again and around and around. i am coumpleteredlay aware of the fact that someware in this world a bootleg of this bootleg featuring some bonustracks is waiting to be unearthed by mybeautifulself but as it has not found me yet i took the freedome to enhence my pure and naked version of the cd with some addionated snouds i fnourd in my collection to expain your listening pleasure. it was easy, it was cheap, go and do it!

and here hear we go:
01 - teenage rampage / outtake from 1973 (listen directly)
02 - she gimme lovin' / outtake version
03 - hell raiser / outtake from 1972
04 - hard times / outtake ???
05 - block buster / outtake version 1972 (listen directly)
06 - laura lee / 1977 / previously unreleased
07 - be with you soon / 1972 / previously unreleased
08 - done me wrong alright / bbc session 1971
09 - ballroom blitz / outtake 1973
10 - rebel rouser / outtake 1974 (listen directly)
11 - 4th of july / unreleased version
12 - need a lot of lovin' / bbc session 1973
13 - action 1 / unreleased version from 1977 (listen directly)
14 - love is like oxygen / expanded instrumental version 

and now for the bonustracks:

15 - the sweet - wig wam bam / live 1973 (listen directly)
16 - the damned - ballroomblitz / live at the london lyceum 1981
17 - vice squad - teenage rampage / 1984
18 - long tall texans - ballroomblitz / 1989
19 - the damned - ballroomblitz / live at the london moonlight club / date unknown (listen directly)
20 - marc bolan - are you ready steve? / outtake 1975 (listen directly)
21 - andy scott - guitar solo / live at the bremen musikladen 1974 (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download)


the shangri-las: some of their greatest hits in rather obscure versions plus some bonustracks for your listening pleasure

and yes these recordings are sounding rather close to the original recordings and some of them might even be the original recordings but most of them are not and they all sound as if they had been recorded on a monocassetterecorder with the microphone handheld close to an old transistor radio while the shangri-las were singing live to the wrong backingtracks broadcasted on a forgotten hinterland medium wave radio station somewhere in the nineties of the lastlost century and it's all too beautiful and full of aw and there is nothing going down at all to save you life.

i bought this cd for 99 cent from a rummage table in stuttgart and was extremely dissappointered at first listening but then the badbadbad sound quality started to grow on me and the interplay of obscure live recordings and faded out versions and mouldy old sounds overall on the whole gave me a strange feeling of coherenceness and closeness very very close.

for your listening pleasure i added some bonustracks for your listening pleasure and they all make sense in a very sensual way so let's go:

01 - remember (walking in the sand) (listen directly)
02 - leader of the pack
03 - right now and not later
04 - long live our love
05 - out in the streets (listen directly)
06 - past present and future
07 - he cried    
08 - give him a great big kiss (listen directly)
09 - i can never go home any more
10 - maybe (listen directly)
11 - so much in love
12 - shout (listen directly)
13 - goodnight my love
14 - you can't sit down
15 - give us your blessings
16 - simon says (listen directly)
17 - never again
18 - sophisticated boom boom
19 - i'm blue
20 - heaven only knows (listen directly)
21 - the train from kansas city
22 - the boy
23 - what's a girl supposed to do
24 - bull dog
25 - it's easier to cry

the bonustracks:

26 - great big kiss - the new york dolls (live in paris; 1974)
27 - great big kiss - johnny thunders (live at the marquee club in london; 3rd of june 1982. with tony james on bass, jerry nolan on drums, steve new on guitar) (listen directly)
28 - great big kiss - die mütter (rehearsal room recording; stuttgart 1983. with mine callisti on drums, oliver neitzel on guitar, luigi nicoletti on bass, siemers me=myself=am=i singing) (listen directly)
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


cabaret voltaire: two extended play compact discs from 1991, plus some additional tracks and mixes

and here are not only two extended play compact discs by cabaret voltaire as stated in the headline, but actually four of them: two you might know and own, and two you might don't, do you. two in their glowrious entiretity, and two attached as additional bornRustracks for yor listening pleasure.

both colours and percussion force have been released in 1991, and both are here conceptually designed as burnable cd-rs with bonustracks from the ruckzuck ep performed by technocrat.s in 1991 as well and the nagnagnag remixes from 2005. you can take it as it is, love it, or leave it. me=myself=am=i at least had a lot of fun.

cd1: you can find colours in every garage sale:

01 - colours (club mix)
02 - alright (listen directly)
03 - colours (thunder mix)
04 - wildlife
05 - smooth
06 - colours (original style mix) (listen directly)
07 - theme from technocolour

the bonustracks:

08 - the technocrat.s - ruckzuck düsseldorf #3
09 - the technocrat.s - ruckzuck nottingham #1
10 - the technocrat.s - ruckzuck sheffield #1 (listen directly)
11 - the technocrat.s - ruckzuck düsseldorf #1
12 - nagnagnag - tiga & zyntherius radio mix (listen directly)
13 - nagnagnag - rhkirk #4 remix

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download)
picture this: the bonus pictures for the bonustracks you will find on both of the two cds:


cd2: you can't find percussion force in any garage sale:

01 - don't walk away (cv & parrot remix) (listen directly)
02 - keep on pushin
03 - don't walk away (robert gordon remix)
04 - dynamic zone
05 - jazz the computer (part 1) (listen directly)
06 - keep on pushin (version)
07 - t phunk
08 - don't walk away (cv & parrot remix version)
09 - jazz the computer (part 2)
(yes: six tracks on the cover, but actually nine on the cd)
the bonustracks:
10 - the technocrat.s - ruckzuck sheffield #4
11 - the technocrat.s - ruckzuck düsseldorf #2 (listen directly)
12 - nagnagnag - akufen's karaoke slam mix (listen directly)
13 - nagnagnag - cv 1979

(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download)


online=only bonustrack:
richard h. kirk - reality net (found on artificial intelligence 2 from 1994) (listen directly)