naima by john coltrane: eleven versions of this wonderful ballad recorded in different line-ups between 1959 and 1966


john coltrane wrote this tune in 1959 for his first wife juanita "naima" grubbs and recorded it the same year for his groundbreaking album giant steps. in the following years this composition was a constant part of his live-set. for your listening pleasure i gathered together eleven versions of naima i found in my collection, choosing from more than twenty performances of the tune.

from the first demo recording in march 1959 throughout the years with the classic quartet up to one of the last performances john coltrane executed in november 1966 before his untimely death on the 17th of july 1967 you can hear that this tune obviously was always very close to his heart. and by the way: for a lot of reasons i did not include the very well known version from the 2nd of december 1959.

here are some of many versions of naima:
01 - 23rd of november 1961 / stockholm / john coltrane tenor saxophone, eric dolphy bass clarinet, mccoy tyner piano, reggie workman bass, elvin jones drums / from live trane / listen directly

02 - 1st of july 1961 / newport jazz festival / john coltrane tenor saxophone, mccoy tyner piano, art davis and reggie workman bass, elvin jones drums / from the 1961 newport set

03 - 2nd of november 1963 / berlin / john coltrane tenor saxophone, mccoy tyner piano, jimmy garrison bass, elvin jones drums / from live trane

04 - 26th of march 1959 / atlantic studios new york / alternate version 1 / john coltrane tenor saxophone, cedar walton piano, paul chambers bass, lex humphries drums / from giant steps / listen directly

05 - 3rd of november 1961 / village vanguard new york / john coltrane tenor saxophone, eric dolphy bass clarinet, mccoy tyner piano, reggie workman bass, elvin jones drums / from the complete village vanguard recordings

06 - 20th of november 1961 / copenhagen / john coltrane tenor saxophone, eric dolphy bass clarinet, mccoy tyner piano, reggie workman bass, elvin jones drums / from the complete 1961 copenhagen concert / listen directly

07 - 11th of november 1966 / temple university philadelphia / john coltrane tenor saxophone / pharoah sanders tenor saxophone / alice coltrane piano / jimmy garrison bass / rashied ali drums / from at temple university 1966

08 - 26th of march 1959 / atlantic studios new york / alternate version 2 / john coltrane tenor saxophone, cedar walton piano, paul chambers bass, lex humphries drums / from giant steps / listen directly

09 - 19th of november 1962 / stockholm / john coltrane tenor saxophone, mccoy tyner piano, jimmy garrison bass, elvin jones drums / from stockholm concerts

10 - 27th of july 1965 / antibes / john coltrane tenor saxophone, mccoy tyner piano, jimmy garrison bass, elvin jones drums / from live in france / listen directly

11 - 24th of october 1991 / warsaw / mccoy tyner solo / from live in warsaw
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the architecture of the burning cities: einstürzende neubauten: some secluded and reclusive tracks you did not even try to refuse to ignore until now

mayhaybe you are inn=terrestered in sum of the lost and hidden tracks and traces the german postkraut=inbetweenpunk=band einstürzende neubauten prouduced throughout the more than fourty years of their existance b=sides their commounlayknown hitrecords and then you've cum to the right place: hear art twentichfive not alltoo popeyoulaird peacess of music the neubauten were inwolfed with=in within the last halfof the century almost.
i foundered oil of these tracks way beyond the edges of the event horizon of  the dark holes of my vary own collection and pampered and poundered them all up for your listening pleasure. for most of the music there are some hints for fur=there exploiration and foulsome you have to kickstart your favouriot search engine by your beautifoul self. here we go.
01 - einstürzende neubauten - glas2 2001 / from for films #6 (listen directly)

02 - einstürzende neubauten - meningitis 1985 / from the cd version of q.e.d.

03 - blixa hornbach - fluginsektenvernichter 2005 (in 2005 blixa bargeld read some of the texts he found on the leaflet handouts the german tool time home improvement store hornbach sent out to all domestic homes in germany; following way down beyond are some more examples of blixa reading some of these ready=made lyrics)

04 - gudrun gut / blixa bargeld - die sonne 1996 / from members of the ocean club (listen directly)

05 - fm einheit & david link - i enjoy the simple life 2005 / from der künstler als junger hund, a three-cd-box as a tribute to the nonfluxuspostartartist peter weibel; also featuring amon düül 2, guru guru, bazon brock, günter brus, alexander kluge, erwin wurm and many others. this box is highly recommanded!)

06 - blixa hornbach - schlagbohrmaschine 2005 (listen directly)

07 - ben becker & alexander hacke - prometheus 1999 / some goethe from the rosebud compilation

08 - einstürzende neubauten - nag nag nag 1993 / from the 3=inch=cd accoumpnicing an italian book about the neubauten (listen directly)

09 - blixa hornbach - wandfliese 2005

10 - fm einheit & stein - rosettas tanz 1991 / an exclusive track for the compilation music for the 90s volume 3 advert=icing some late laid rough trade bands when they began to get boring.

11 - einstürzende neubauten - maifestspiele (ostinato-remix) 1997 / from the double cd king size dub volume 3 featuring tote hosen, kastrierte philosophen and fettes brot

12 - die krupps - new temptation fm-einheit-remix 1994 / from the final remixes

13 - der favorit - gott schütze die bundesrepublik deutschland 1981 / featuring marc chung, alex dill and the pope this 1981 recording is rather obscure and as annoying as it could be (listen directly)

14 - blixa hornbach - quarzitpolygonalplatten 2005

15 - einstürzende neubauten - party trilogy 1999 / exclusive track for the soundtrack to sonnenallee

16 - palais schaumburg - telefon (with fm einheit) 1981 / i love it! (listen directly)

17 - blixa bargeld - ein gleiches 1999 / some more goethe from the rosebud compilation

18 - blixa hornbach - fuchsienstämmchen 2005 (listen directly)

19 - alexander hacke - stahlmusik leger 2001 / from for films #6

20 - matador - stop in the name of love (with alexander hacke) 1989 / from the sun album

21 - blixa bargeld - soul desert 1999 / from das gibt's nur einmal (listen directly)

22 - blixa hornbach - feuchteschäden 2005

23 - einstürzende neubauten - goes without saying 1999 / exclusive track for the soundtrack to sonnenallee (listen directly)

24 - blixa hornbach - zementschleierentferner 2005 /

25 - einstürzende neubauten - fraqmint bochum 1982/ found somewhere on the www in 1999 (listen directly)

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spirit / i got a line on you / twentytwo rather different versions of this song performed between 1968 and 1996 / found in my own collection and in the wonderful and frightening world of sugarmegs


yes, that's right: 22 versions of i got a line on you aka line on you aka i've got a line on you babe aka i got a line on you baby and that's just the tip and the top of the iceberg though it's not an iceberg at all as the headline clearectifies it's about spirit. randy calfornia (what a dumdum[b/p] name) and eduard cassidy and assorted friends and relatives as you all know because unless you wouldn't be here and couldn't be hear at all and horenty daugherty et cetera.

ass i mintionoured beefour sum of the sungs steam from my collectioum, busrst moorest of them i founded on the whomperfuel sugarmegs site: go at onetz there and follow my insteructins exacktlay as aye say: go to the side sugarmegs and find the search box (it's there om the left, you come see hit at whonce immeadihately), insert the name of the groupius you laugh the mosrest and dion't hit enter but clicknoseclichleft with your lefthandmouse on the search-button (leftclick!) and wail and sea: there are about tinthousand concerts of the gratefuel dead, neal young, the rowling stones, marc bowlan or the breetles witch you can buy on amazone for a lot of moneys or can downlord here for free. did you getthe point or must i return in in broken english?

please excourse my french excourse abroad the sugarmegs, here are the spirits perfoaming i got a line on you and you gat all the tools you need to listen or download odr die........

01 - 19751031 / new york / my father's place (listen directly)
02 - 1981xxxx / hamburg
03 - 1968xxxx / time circle mix
04 - 19700109 / san antonio / texas / municipal auditorium
05 - 19900313 / amsterdam / melkweg (listen directly)
06 - 19780311 / london / rainbow / board mix / two sides of the rainbow
07 - 19730405 / sheffield / city hall (listen directly)
08 - 19700516 / fillmore west
09 - 19780721 / huntington beach / california / golden bear
10 - 19690901 / dallas pop festival (listen directly)
11 - 19950902 / rockford / waterfront (listen directly)
12 - 19780306 / essen / grugahalle / rockpalast tv
13 - 19700412 / anaheim / california / exhibition hall (listen directly)
14 - 19780311 / london / rainbow / multitrack mix / two sides of the rainbow
15 - 19921120 / colorado / buffalo rose (listen directly)
16 - 1968xxxx / the family that plays together
17 - 19701231 / valley music theatre
18 - 198605xx / new york / hard rock cafe (listen directly)
19 - 19940909 / new york / bottom line
20 - 19700203 / london / townhall
21 - 19760925 / new york / bottom line (listen directly)
22 - 19810517 / berlin / waldbühne

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music performed by the hawthorne improvisation collective using the name avijit for these particular actions

the hawthorne improvisation collective was/is an improvizing collective unit of houston based artists roundabouted by mike switzer and charlie naked, badly disguisedered as charlie horshack on these=here recordings. for your listening pleasure i unearthed two of the cd-rs they released using the name avijit and sent out all over the world in 2001 (and that was including me for a lot of reasons) and that can neither be found on their bandcamp pages nor on their discogs pages. loud and uncleared noisings from way beyond, and nobody knows if it really happened.
these two gesamtkunstmeisterwerke will give you the überblick and einblick and durchblick reguarding the entire work of hawkwind, kraftwerk, the ramones and iskra 1903 minced to matter in a masturmoiling masticator. let us start with the music you are waiting for, and then carry on with the sounds you are longing for. here we go.
avijit - hawkwerk (recorded in1997)

01 - hawkwerk 45:00 (listen to an excerpt)
02 - kraftwind 27:00 (listen to an excerpt)
(mp3 / all scans and more included / direct download) 

and it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

avijit - ball peen heaven (probably recorded in 1994)

01 - nicoderm
02 - the empty foxhole (listen directly)
03 - beautiful house
04 - pulling a dick's house
05 - i wanna your boyfriend (sic!)
06 - babylonian gunners
07 - ball peen heaven
08 - puzzle man (listen directly)
09 - (nothing not mentioned on the cover)
10 - tomato paste
11 - the art of irrelevance (listen directly)
12 - monopede mania
13 - jello hammer

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hairy chapter, missus beastly, night sun: three kraut albums from the early seventies bubbling under and beyond

kraut! demons! kraut! bootleggering the bootleggered bootleggers! these three kraut albums from the early seventies of the last century have been rererereleased quite a few times, sometimes semi-legal at least, but most often without any permission, and by the time being they all are rather hard to get obtained them by buy in for the matter or the wurst.

hairy chapter, missus beastly and night sun were wore ware rather bottomofthewellknown in germany back in these those days, my friend, but they did not create all this cultfollowing and all those cultfollowers that other cultflowering kraut bands can't get rid of until today. but they are alright und es eine schöne richtigkeit by all three of them heard and hurt as well als solche. here we go:

hairy chapter - eyes
(hairy chapter from bonn: rudolf oldenburg on bass, harry titlbach on guitar, rudi haubold on drums, harry unte on vocals. recorded in 1970. they had a lot to do with the chaparall electric sound inc. as you might have guessed)

01 - bad dreams
02 - pretty talking girl
03 - pauline (listen directly)
04 - illusions
05 - looking for a decent freedom
06 - cry for relief
07 - thought after
08 - life 69 (listen directly)
09 - big fat woman blues

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missus beastly - eponymous

(recorded in 1974, this=here germanofon version of the record antedates other semi-official releases for quite a few years, and it contains three 1973 bonustracks that are not available on any other rerelease. and by the way: there are just ten tracks on the cd, no matter what the cover says: vacuum cleaners and dance are not two separated tracks as stated, in the following the running order is corrected)

01 - julia
02 - 20th century break
03 - geisha (listen directly)
04 - vacuum cleaners dance
05 - paranoidl
06 - fly away
07 - talle
08 - green line
09 - ursis trance (listen directly)
10 - remember
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

night sun - mournin'

(from mannheim, recorded and released in 1972. and though not stated on the cover they most likely were bruno schaab on vocals and bass, walter kirchgassner on guitar, knut rössler on keyboards and wind instruments and ulrich staudt on drums)

01 - plastic shotgun (listen directly)
02 - crazy woman
03 - got a bone of my own
04 - slush pan man
05 - living with the dying
06 - come down
07 - blind (listen directly)
08 - nightmare
09 - don't start flying (listen directly)

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kevin ayers: what more can i say? (the reel demo recordings from the early seventies plus some bonustracks featuring lol coxhill, soft machine, gong and some more)


bassism, baby. kevin ayers is my kind of a cool banananana, mon amour. send your parents to sleep and listen to him pissing on a violin and et cetera blabla and you woodn't be hear nore evan existe pas iff you diddent know/knew/now wot eyem singinging about in the morning yes theirs no tumor roar no todie. the kevin is the kevin in all of us in all in oursold.

this greatgreatgreat album full of rawpowdered sketches and dissaspearing fraqmints was released by the greatgreatgreat reel recordings in 2008 and though it is greatgreatgreat as a standalone in itself i added some greatgreatgreat bonustracks for your listening pleasure and had a lot of fun. what more can i say?

and here we go with the album:

01 - unfinished (listen directly)
02 - this song isn't called anything
03 - crystal clear (with archie legget and eddie sparrow)
04 - crying (with david bedford, mike oldfield and robert wyatt) (listen directly)
05 - clarence in oyster land (with david bedford and probably eddie sparrow)
06 - dreaming doctor (listen directly)
07 - what more can anyone say...
and here's for the bonustracks:
08 - lol coxhill - vorblifa/exit
09 - lol coxhill - a collective improvisation (listen directly)
(lol coxhill, soprano saxophone / dave dufort, drums / david bedford, keyboards / mike oldfield, guitar / kevin ayers badly dissguided ass "kirwin dear", bass and/or guitar / 1970 / from ear of beholder)
10 - kevin ayers and the wizzards of twiddly - short interlude (live in solingen 1995)
11 - the ultramarine big band - hymn (from the ultramarine hymn remixes 1996, featuring kevin ayers, lol coxhill, jimmy hastings and all the othererers)

12 - kevin ayers - hymn (demo 1972, unknown provenance, found on the "internet" in 1999) (listen directly)

13 - gong - clarence in wonderland (radio session, probably 1970. found on the history and the mystery of the planet gong and of course featuring kevin ayers)

14 - the soft machine - we did it again (11th of august 1968 live in davenport, iowa. mike ratledge, robert wyatt, kevin ayers. from the double-cd tanglewood tails, and included here because it sounds just like the following demo recording of the wilde flowers) (listen directly)
15 - the wilde flowers - you really got me (demo recording 1964, with robert wyatt on drums, hugh hopper on bass, brian hopper on guitar, and kevin ayers singinging. you may find out more about the wilde flowers in this=here blog way down below) (listen directly)

16 - kevin ayers - mr. cool (live in bremen 1976; more of this concert can be found in this=here your favouriot blog by following the following link)

17 - kevin ayers and the wizzards of twiddly - stranger in blue suede shoes (live in solingen 1995; i found this concert recording somewhere hidden in/or/on the internet in 2016 and you can do so as well, can't you?) (listen directly)
(mp3 /all scans and more included / direct download)