"ebbes musig" mit albrecht/d., pünkelpracht, der künftige musikant und ralf van daale. stuttgart 1982.

this tape is a collection of tracks stuttgart fluxus activist albrecht/d. commissioned and compiled in 1982. the young artists involved all were semi-celebrities of the southwestgerman tape and avantg/art squatter punk underground and suddenly found themselves lined up with beuys, diter rot, throbbing gristle, ben vautier and nam june paik in the edition reflection press, an unfortunately much too underrated publishing unit albrecht/d. ran until his untimely death in 2013.

"ebbes musig(g) aus´m siede...": ein kleiner streit entbrannte 1982 unter den gelehrten, ob man im schwäbischen denn "ebbes" sagen dürfe oder ob es nicht vielmehr "a weng" heissen müsse. fruchtlos und müssig war dieser zwist wie so viele unserer damaligen direkten und indirektiven aktionen, doch so war man immerhin im gespräch. "fruchtlos" und "müssig" allerdings waren damals durchaus keine negativ besetzten begriffe. "ebbes musig", so also steht es nun geschrieben; und ebenso fragwürdig weiter: "aus´m siede..."

so etwa 1979 bis 1983 war albrecht/d. immer wieder in der stuttgarter avantg/art punk-szene zu finden (auswirkendes ist bis heute gewärtig); wir liebten ihn. uns verband die gemeinsame liebe zu throbbing gristle und natürlich im besonderen zu cosey fanni tutti; die verknotungen und verschichtungen von dada, fluxus, punk und xerox-chic waren uns natürlich damals bereits nur zu bewusst; hier und in kollaboration mit albrecht/d. wurden sie manifest.

1982 trommelte albrecht/d. seine getreuen um sich und bat um je 14 minuten klangmaterial für einen kassettensampler. "ebbes musig aus´m siede..." erschien dann in seiner edition reflection press und wir standen plötzlich in einer reihe mit beuys, vostell, ben vautier, raoul hausmann und yoko ono.

wir hören in reihenfolge der kassette:

(01) A 1: pünkelpracht

TANZ 6:05

aufgenommen recorded am 13. merz 1982: morscher spielt orgel, bass und maschinen; GAW spielt orgel, bass und maschinen.

(02) A 2: van daale

in 14 minuten (17 minutes actually but anyway) (listen directly)

etwa 32 kurze klangereignisse short soundscapes recorded mostly between 1978 and 1982. mit meinem kleinen bruder, autofick, attraktiv und preiswert, detlev scheil, GAW, io, kid, anabiose, frau mall, atemnot, zimt, dieter heyer, peter grathwohl, gini fatale, pogotine und vielen anderen. click to enlarge the tracklist:

(03) B 1: der künftige musikant

slow rock
meine welt (live 7.2.82 stuttgart)
o´casio 04 (?)
langsam aber sicher
lachender egoist
soweit sogut
albrecht (27.2.82)

der künftige, der lustige oder auch der ewige musikant; später auch "der mussikant": rolf schobert und sein polymorphes panakustikum.

(04) B 2: albrecht/d.

instant life as instant death as instant life: symphonie plastique fantastique. endless music auf der strasse in the streets. paris 18.4.82 und gross-gerau 1975. zwei kanäle mit marie kawazu und usine pali. perkussionen, kao, synthesizer.

that's four for your pleasure plus two bonus tracks: 

(foto von irmgard aka nerverever oder sowas)
two and a half year after the untimely death of albrecht/d. in 2013 there was an exhibition of his art, life and death at the württembergischer kunstverein in stuttgart curated by a collective of friends and relatives including most of those mentioned above. especially for the opening vernissage on the 4th of december 2015 the stuttgart punkandart legends GAW, der mussikant, morscher and memyselfandralfvandaale gathered together as the band ebbes/d. for a one-off-show that was a lot of fun. for this=here post i unearthed two excerpts from our rehearsal sessions for this show.

(05) ebbes/d. - first encounter 19th of july 2015 (with albrecht/d. on posthumoustly saxophone and flute) (listen directly)
(06) ebbes/d. - generalprobe 26th of november 2015

download ebbes musig aus´m siede

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe live in a forgotten village on the outskirts of the british occupation zone in northwestgermany on the 19th of september 1981 plus two bonus tracks found on some obscure compilations

and this is really really really rare: as some semi-official tapes of this northwestgerman band are changing hands on discogs at horrible prices and are almost impossible to find, the recordings you are going to listen to right=away=here and right=away=now have never seen the light of day until this very day.

die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe (the return of the disaster of mankind of the catastrophe of humanity of the act of god on the human race) were wolfgang panning playing all instruments, and michael jänisch playing all instruments as well. they both were and are deeply rooted in the northwestgeman psychodeleric punk=underground interdelimited by the likes of OH87, kastrierte philosophen, wolfgang wiggers, the 39 clocks and many other bfbs-acolytes living in delmenhorst, verden an der aller, hannover, bremen, kirchlinteln, luttum or even celle generating a very new kind of hippiepan=krock the boring rest of the world was not ready or prepared for (and will never be, by the way) and tried to forget but never really did. bored annyway whats were here talkendabouts youll nevra gettattall nor behalf.

(michael jänisch 2014 / wolfgang panning 2012)
the following concert was executed live in westen (a lost village in the surroundings of kirchlinteln, luttum and neddenaverbergen in the wont=too=bee=suburbs [urrps!] of verden an der aller not all too far from bremen and hannover) on the 19th of september 1981; almost a year before their first official tape was released in 1982. this was followed by two tracks on some rather obscure coumpilations, and nothing else followed, as far as i can see for miles and miles.

so here we go=go:

01 - die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe live in concert on the 19th of september 1981 in westen close to verden an der aller as one semless cut
  • kleiner köter
  • kaputte welt (listen directly)
  • maschinen tanzen
  • hin- und hergerissen
  • monotoner angriff
  • 25/7
  • immer nur lachen (listen directly)
  • babies
  • ananas
  • blitzlicht / zeitlos
  • morbide liebe

plus some bonus tracks:

02 - from the compilation schizophrenes deutschland
  • die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe - die wiederkehr der menschheitskatastrophe 


03 -  from the compilation nur hits 2

excerpts from the live concert as featured above for your listening pleasure:

04 - immer nur lachen (listen directly)
05 - kaputte welt (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


the norwegian soprano kirsten flagstad singing richard strauss and richard wagner live in concert in 1949 and 1950

by the way: did you know that marc bolan and maria callas died the same day? so the 16th of september 1977 was the day the music died, no matter what don mclean is trying to tell you. but today anyway we are going to hear the norwegian singer kirsten flagstad, the third of the great sopranos, who died in 1962, and i hope you will enjoy her recitals, songs and lieder.

fist of all there is the world premier recording of vier letzte lieder (four last songs) composed by richard strauss, played by the london philharmonia orchestra conducted by wilhelm furtwängler at the royal albert hall on the 22nd of may 1950, followed by another bunch of stiffs composed by richard strauss and recorded in san francisco on the 8th of october 1950, probably with the same line-up. coming up next are some ringing wagner-excerpts performed together with set svanholm on the 9th of october 1949 in san francisco, followed by an interview with kirsten flagstad recorded on the 23rd of april in 1952.

aside from a euphoric review on the rather obscure classicalcdreview-pages there is not all too much evidence on the internet that this cd even exists. so take this=here, and may it serve you well.

vier letzte lieder / richard strauss / london 1950
01 - Frühling
02 - september
03 - beim schlafengehen (listen directly)
04 - im abendrot

concerto san francisco / 1950
05 - befreit
06 - allerseelen
07 - cäcilie

wagner concerto / san francisco 1949
08 - traft ihr das schiff
09 - in fernem land
10 - o sink hernieder (listen directly)
11 - preislied
12 - liebestod

the desert island interview / london 1952
13 - interview with kirsten flagstad (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


marc bolan and t. rex live at the birmingham town hall on the 23rd of february 1976: two versions of the same concert: one very loud, the other complete

it was early 1976 and punk began to lurk around when the futuristic dragon overran the united kingdom and gave the young gods a good kick in the ass. marc bolan was loud and harsh and funny, and he even says "motherfucker" at a certain point of the concert. and this was all that a poor boy needed back in those days.
unfortunately i could not find any additional information on this 2-cd-version of the concert they executed on the 23rd of february 1976 at the birmingham town hall (though there are a lot of single-cd-versions of this concert circulating amongst collectors), but the linernotes have it all. the double-cd once was distributed via the mail-order-shop on the site marc-bolan.org, but is no longer available as far as i can see; i bought my copy in 2010.
cd 1 was recorded on a portable tape recorder by the sixteen year old fee warner, situated very close to marc bolan's monitor on the stage, it is a very harsh and authentic recording, and for a lot of reasons only 13 tracks survived, while the semi-professional recording on the second cd brings you all of the 15 tracks t. rex played that evening as a rather clear but rather distant audience recording way back behind from the balcony of the town hall. so listen to marc bolan on vocals and guitar, steve currie on bass, gloria jones on keyboards and vocals, davy lutton on drums, dino dines on keyboards and tyrone scott on keyboards and vocal.

cd 1:
01 - 20th century boy
02 - jeepster
03 - funky london childhood
04 - new york city (listen directly)
05 - solid gold easy action
06 - children of the revolution
07 - teenage dream
08 - telegram sam
09 - debora / one inch rock
10 - ride a white swan
11 - life's a gas (listen directly)
12 - dreamy lady
13 - get it on

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download) 

cd 2:
01 - 20th century boy
02 - jeepster
03 - funky london childhood
04 - new york city (listen directly)
05 - solid gold easy action
06 - children of the revolution
07 - teenage dream
08 - telegram sam
09 - debora / one inch rock
10 - ride a white swan
11 - life's a gas (listen directly)
12 - dreamy lady
13 - london boys (listen directly)
14 - hot love
15 - get it on

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

by the way you may find a third version of this concert on sugarmegs: insert "bolan birmingham" in the search box and go. and then don't go, but stay there to explore the wonderful world of sugarmegs with hundreads of townsends of live recordings by the likes of the grateful dead, the beatles, the velvet underground, patti smith, the 39 clocks, kraftwerk, the new york dolls, iggy pop, jimi hendrix and more and more and more. it's unbelievable!


a collection of 19th century works for organ by some half-forgotten composers from wuerttemberg in southwest-germany

always expect the unexpected: the music in this=here blog will always be different and always the same. today we are going to be visiting two churches in my very neighbourhood in the western district of stuttgart in southwestgermany, and we will be listening to some organ music from the romantic era. those are the roots of kraut: speak german or die!

this cd featuring works for organ by eleven wuerttembergian composers was released in 2005 to celebrate 150 years of the altruistic work of the deaconesses' asylum in stuttgart. it was recorded in the paul-gerhardt-church and in the deaconesses' church by ulrich mangold. wuerttemberg by the way nowadays is the swabian part of baden-württemberg, but it was the independent kingdom of württemberg back in those romantic days.

a lot of information on most of the composers can be found on the very profound page schwäbische orgelromantik; the cd as an artefact can be found no=where at all.

so listen to these angry young men:

01 - christian fink
02 - christian fink
03 - heinrich lang
04 - heinrich lang (listen directly)
05 - johann georg frech
06 - heinrich lang
07 - friedrich fink
08 - andreas barner (listen directly)
09 - heinrich lang
10 - wilhelm nagel (listen directly)
11 - johann georg frech
12 - heinrich lang
13 - ewald strässer
14 - hans schink (listen directly)
15 - andreas barner (listen directly)
16 - matthäus koch (listen directly)
17 - heinrich lang
18 - heinrich lang
19 - reinhold seyerlen (listen directly)
20 - heinrich lang
21 - johann georg frech
22 - johann georg frech
23 - johann georg frech
24 - johann georg frech (listen directly)
25 - johann georg frech
26 - johann georg frech
27 - johann georg frech
28 - johann georg frech (listen directly)
29 - johann georg frech

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


spirit live at the texas international pop festival 1969 plus a promo-sampler from 1992 plus an unhidden bonus track

this is a slightly revised and revisited version of a post i did way back in the early summer of 2007, and since the download-files have long been lost in the process of growing old, i decided to re-make and re-model the whole thing. for your pleasure the original post can still be found with almost no stone left not unturned.

and this is what i wrote in 2007:
"...when we was young: oh, so very young: we were psychedelic punks: and we used to love wire, danny and the dressmakers, the 39 clocks, nico päffgen, the thunderbyrds, paranormale tonbandstimmen, the church of lennon and cale spedding pistols, marc bolan, lol coxhill and spirit. yes: spirit was one of the very few bands to survive the sixties and to be some thing like important to the seventies psycho beats. only a few days later we discovered thousands of other truthful minds. more no fun at long last.

today you might want to listen to eight tracks the spirit recorded on monday the 1st of september 1969 at the texas international pop festival. this "oh boy"-cd is way too short, of course, but no more sounds seem to be bequeathed from these days..."

and so this is spirit. the first eight tracks were recorded live at the texas international festival on monday the first of september 1969; the band executing these tracks most probably consistered of randy california (guitar and vocals), ed cassidy (drums), john locke (keyboards), mark andes (bass) and jay ferguson (vocals, percussion).

so listen:

01 - fresh garbage
02 - elijah (though probably it shall not be) (listen directly)
03 - improvisation
04 - ground hog
05 - grammophone man
06 - dream within a dream
07 - i got a line on you (listen directly)
08 - aren't you glad 

(and though these are rather confusingly entitled very poor recordings: this is all there is)


the texas festival recordings from 1969 are followed by a german maxi-cd from 1992 promoting the line-records-release of "chronicles 1967-1982", featuring some rare and unreleased tracks. this is what i had to say in 2007:
"...in 1992 the wonderful hamburg line label decided to (re-)release most of the music spirit had played and given to the audiences throughout the years and to add some new information. all we need to know and we are proud to share can be found within the scans, please click to enlarge (some re-recorded and/or otherwise unreleased tracks for your pleasure plus sara fleetwood plus a 23 minutes interview)..."

so listen now:

09 (01) - nature's way (new recording with sara fleetwood) (listen directly)
10 (02) - darlin if
11 (03) - genetic dreams
12 (04) - fallen hero (listen directly)
13 (05) - interview with har wharfield

unhidden bonus track:

14 - the clear radio spot 1969

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


cosmic pop! a rather rare 1988 tape by the stuttgart postkraut unit metabolismus expanded with some bonus tracks

and this is the closest that german bands would come up to the faust tapes in the late eighties: the stuttgart soundandart communardists metabolismus with one of their early tapes from 1988: cosmic pop!

and though discogs are listing this tape as their first release and metabolismus themselves are listing it as their third release, it is most probably the sixth release metabolismus or any member of the unit were involved in=with in one way or a coumplaytelayed other, according to the purchase order number on the cover. but nobody knows if it really happened.

the tracklist of the tape is just a listing of reference points of what you are going to hear; both sides are seamlessly assembled de-collages of songs, noise, found soundtracks and incoherent cut-ups. for you listening pleasure both sides can be found in the rar-file below just as they were conceived by the band (tracks one and two), complemented by four short excerpts (tracks three to six) of the original tape, and expanded and enriched by some bonus tracks i found in my collection.

01 - side one:
500 years
down to the city
no offer
ich bin eine eierschale
phoenix (listen directly)
mother's here from tokyo
2000 years
interludum (listen directly)
spike in the desert
shout it out loud

02 - side two:
2000 years again
ausbeuter/schweine/betrüger (listen directly)
imperialism 1-4
how do you feel?
another mother from tokyo
how to compose a song (listen directly)
sad man
that's all
gods and demons

bonus tracks:

03 - phoenix (excerpt from side one)
04 - interludium (excerpt from side one)
05 - ausbeuterschweine  (excerpt from side two)
06 - how to compose a song  (excerpt from side two)

07 - escariol os (from the compilation kamikaze 1 from 2000) (listen directly)
08 - arctic zone (recorded in 1993; found on the metabolismus homepage)
09 - live at the stuttgart waggons on the 17th of august 2012; found on youtube
10 - do they owe us a living! (1991; found on youtube) (listen directly)
11 - my generation; from best of schnäbbls 1992 (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)