cracker and shoe from toronto in canada: two widely unknown albums full of weird improvisation plus some bonus tracks

the toronto based band cracker and shoe is the duo of michael keith on guitars and david sait on guzheng and both on tapes and electronics. way back in 2006 michael keith sent me some cds of his own solowork as a free=improvising bluesnoblues=deconstructeur and some examples of the deprimitively reprimatured mild noise he was performing and executing with david sait under the name of cracker and shoe.

though both michael keith and david sait have been playing and recording music, "music" and no=music for almost fourty years now they somehow managed to slip underneath the radar not only of the general public but even of friends and connoisseurs of experimental outsider=music. even the discogs=community almost ignores them except for the one emanem=album michael keith recorded with john oswald and roger turner in 2005 and a handful of almost unavailable sound carriers david sait recorded all through the years.

so for today you will get the chance to listen to an untitled cd-r of cracker and shoe with 16 untitled tracks, their "just fiends"-ep, and some bonus tracks from an album they recorded under the name of mcf.

so here we go.

the untitled cd-r, probably recorded in 2006:

01 - untitled
02 - untitled (listen directly)
03 - untitled
04 - untitled
05 - untitled (listen directly)
06 - untitled
07 - untitled
08 - untitled
09 - untitled (listen directly)
10 - untitled
11 - untitled
12 - untitled
13 - untitled
14 - untitled
15 - untitled (listen directly)
16 - untitled

just fiends aka cracker and shoe, recorded in 2006:

17 (01) - very good
18 (02) - curious how it will print (listen directly)
19 (03) - swimlots
20 (04) - eat pie
21 (05) - just fiends
22 (06) - no summer school (listen directly)

plus three bonus tracks from the album "music for the new world" by mcf from 2003:

23 - 4:11
24 - 5:21 (listen directly)
25 - 6:34

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



the italian brutist unit xx century zorro scrampling and sceaming allthrough the german version of their tape la côte d'azur

these are the real flying spaghetti monsters: in the early eighties the italian copyleft activistica xx century zorro cavortobated all about the european kassettentäter scene and blew our minds a little bit more than they ever thought they could do. the german version of "la côte d'azur" was their third or force tape in 1982, and nobody knows if there ever was a non-german version. burst anyway. the tape was rereleased as a very limited edition on vinyl in 1999, and both versions are rather hard to find.

each side of the tape has a seamless 16-minutes-track making it coumpleteley impossible to separate the individual tracks, so i let them both as they are. you can listen to both of the tracks directly by clicking left or save them with rightclick, as you know. the scans and pictures of course are not included in the download, so you have to save them in addition to the music.

A08 - PHON 

B04 - 8000 DAYS



live at the bauplatz in venlo 1981; a tape featuring the ex, prompt, zoo, theatre off (!) hate, the brassers, metall tanz, einstürzende neubauten, pandemonium, alive detail and motel bokassa. plus two bonus tracks by the neubauten as well.

i found this little gem in the black holes of my hard drive just with a bad scan of the cover, but discogs could help with some more details. these performances were executed live at the bauplatz in venlo in holland in 1981 and 1982. 

the cover of the tape just mentions the name of the bands and the recording date, but some additional information has been provided by the users of discogs. as the tape clocks in almost exactly at 60 minutes i added two tracks the neubauten released on a maxi-cd in 1997 for your listening pleasure.

01 - the ex (listen directly)
02 - prompt
03 - zoo
04 - theatre off (sic!) hate
05 - the brassers
(en toen was er niets meer / de grote vergissing)
06 - metall tanz (listen directly)
07 - einstürzende neubauten (kollaps)
08 - pandemonium
09 - alive detail
10 - motel bokassa (listen directly)

plus bonus:

einstürzende neubauten: the nnnaaammm remixes by darkus
11 - trilogy
12 - side grinder (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


from beyond the sub-underground: eight conceivable extended-play-records released on asaurus records way back in 2004 on two cd-rs as limited editions of 100 each, featuring the london apartments, gabriel joel, bacanal intruder, jason voss & patrick elkins, stinkcharmer, solvents, patterns in paris and thee moths

just what the headline says: eight imaginary extended-play-records that never saw the light of vinyl but were only released as parts of the asaurus records ep club compilation series as limited editions on cd-r way back in the early 2000s. between 2001 and 2008 the asaurus label realized about one hundred releases mostly on cd-r featuring lo-fi-noise, home-made-punk and crawl-space-outsiderististic psychodeleria that always waswere a lot of fun no fun.

for today i chose two of their releases that are neither listed on discogs nor are they available for download on the posthumous bandcamp-page of asaurus. they are a very strange brew of gestaltaufstellung performed by some of the most ambitious skip-spence-impersonators and subliminal denovastion by lxchilton-weltinnenraum-divers exhaliated in the 42nd row of the concept hall. 

here we go: 

the asaurus records ep club number three

01 - all of the constellations
02 - 1904
03 -passing freighters in the fog
04 - she was the president (listen directly)

05 - psychic birds don't crash
06 - cut throat fireworks (listen directly)
07 - convince me
08 - just like living alone

patterns in paris
09 - fade to blake
10 - lights off (listen directly)
11 - ten minutes more
12 - the world is smaller than you think

thee moths
13 - as fletcher makes straight his arrow
14 - seahound (listen directly)
15 - the singing from operation london
16 - universe prayer (winter version)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)



the asaurus records ep club number seven

the london apartments
01 - what are those sounds
02 - shut your eyes (listen directly)
03 - oh wait
04 - circuit

gabriel joel
05 - i'm sick of leaving this time
06 - just hours south
07 - loaded guns and wild tongues
08 - wind tossed white caps (live) (listen directly)

bacanal intruder
09 - divertimento
10 - mini-siesta (listen directly)
11 - switching pencils
12 - to take my way

jason voss & patrick elkins
13 - new fishing pole
14 - yard sale party (listen directly)
15 - girls on parade
16 - firetruck

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


friedrich gulda live in 1986; playing chopin, singing artmann, interacting with limpe fuchs; plus some bonus tracks featuring paul fuchs and klaus weiss: chopin and beyond...

friedrich gulda was born in vienna on the 16th of may 1930 and died untimely on the 27th of january 2000. most of you will of course know that he was a stand-offishly taken in interpreter of classical piano music, but some of you might not be aware of his excavations and disruptions he despairingly added to his bourgeois background to elude the regnant concept of upper class culture. his closemouthed cracks and aimings at "jazz" in the late sixties of the last century and some heavy-handed outbursts into double quoted "free improvisation" always were shadowed by his beethoven squeezed and stockhausen press-ganged cultural and historical backgrounds.

there is almost no evidence on the worlwideweb to be found that this=here cd "chopin and beyond..." really does exist (discogs does not list it with gulda=himself or with the amadeo label, but amazon japan at least has a picture of this completely unavailable cd), but it does. it is a live recording of a concert friedrich gulda executed on the 13th of july 1986 in munich playing some chopin, singinging some some lyrics by h.c.artmann and interacting in free improvisation with limpe fuchs (some parts of this performance can be found on the arthouse dvd "chopin and beyond...", by the way). this is followed by some 25 minutes of anima sound with paul and limpe fuchs from 1973. for your listening pleasure i added some conventional free jazz gulda played in 1971 with klaus weiss on drums to cd 1 and some more anima from 1972 to cd 2; both tracks can be found on the 5-cd-set midlife harvest. to find out more about gulda's struggling attempt for free music you might want to read what i wrote in this=here blog some twelve years ago about his album "liberation" with ursula anders and günther rabl, and of course listen to it.

cd 1

01-09 chopin por ma douce (gulda, piano)
(listen to track 02 and track 07)

10-16 epitaph: h.c.artmann / f.gulda / f.chopin (gulda, piano and voice)

17 - duo with klaus weiss on drums (11th of february 1971, munich) 

cd 2

01-05 consonanza personale (gulda, piano and flute; limpe fuchs, percussion and voice)

06-09 new age suite (gulda: clavichord,e-piano, flute, voice / limpe fuchs: percussion, zither, voice / paul fuchs: harp, saw, zinken, blech)

10 - anima in heidelberg 1972 (friedrich gulda, limpe fuchs, paul fuchs)

(mp3 / all scans included  / direct download)