hairy chapter, missus beastly, night sun: three kraut albums from the early seventies bubbling under and beyond

kraut! demons! kraut! bootleggering the bootleggered bootleggers! these three kraut albums from the early seventies of the last century have been rererereleased quite a few times, sometimes semi-legal at least, but most often without any permission, and by the time being they all are rather hard to get obtained them by buy in for the matter or the wurst.

hairy chapter, missus beastly and night sun were wore ware rather bottomofthewellknown in germany back in these those days, my friend, but they did not create all this cultfollowing and all those cultfollowers that other cultflowering kraut bands can't get rid of until today. but they are alright und es eine schöne richtigkeit by all three of them heard and hurt as well als solche. here we go:

hairy chapter - eyes
(hairy chapter from bonn: rudolf oldenburg on bass, harry titlbach on guitar, rudi haubold on drums, harry unte on vocals. recorded in 1970. they had a lot to do with the chaparall electric sound inc. as you might have guessed)

01 - bad dreams
02 - pretty talking girl
03 - pauline (listen directly)
04 - illusions
05 - looking for a decent freedom
06 - cry for relief
07 - thought after
08 - life 69 (listen directly)
09 - big fat woman blues

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


missus beastly - eponymous

(recorded in 1974, this=here germanofon version of the record antedates other semi-official releases for quite a few years, and it contains three 1973 bonustracks that are not available on any other rerelease. and by the way: there are just ten tracks on the cd, no matter what the cover says: vacuum cleaners and dance are not two separated tracks as stated, in the following the running order is corrected)

01 - julia
02 - 20th century break
03 - geisha (listen directly)
04 - vacuum cleaners dance
05 - paranoidl
06 - fly away
07 - talle
08 - green line
09 - ursis trance (listen directly)
10 - remember
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

night sun - mournin'

(from mannheim, recorded and released in 1972. and though not stated on the cover they most likely were bruno schaab on vocals and bass, walter kirchgassner on guitar, knut rössler on keyboards and wind instruments and ulrich staudt on drums)

01 - plastic shotgun (listen directly)
02 - crazy woman
03 - got a bone of my own
04 - slush pan man
05 - living with the dying
06 - come down
07 - blind (listen directly)
08 - nightmare
09 - don't start flying (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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