kevin ayers: what more can i say? (the reel demo recordings from the early seventies plus some bonustracks featuring lol coxhill, soft machine, gong and some more)


bassism, baby. kevin ayers is my kind of a cool banananana, mon amour. send your parents to sleep and listen to him pissing on a violin and et cetera blabla and you woodn't be hear nore evan existe pas iff you diddent know/knew/now wot eyem singinging about in the morning yes theirs no tumor roar no todie. the kevin is the kevin in all of us in all in oursold.

this greatgreatgreat album full of rawpowdered sketches and dissaspearing fraqmints was released by the greatgreatgreat reel recordings in 2008 and though it is greatgreatgreat as a standalone in itself i added some greatgreatgreat bonustracks for your listening pleasure and had a lot of fun. what more can i say?

and here we go with the album:

01 - unfinished (listen directly)
02 - this song isn't called anything
03 - crystal clear (with archie legget and eddie sparrow)
04 - crying (with david bedford, mike oldfield and robert wyatt) (listen directly)
05 - clarence in oyster land (with david bedford and probably eddie sparrow)
06 - dreaming doctor (listen directly)
07 - what more can anyone say...
and here's for the bonustracks:
08 - lol coxhill - vorblifa/exit
09 - lol coxhill - a collective improvisation (listen directly)
(lol coxhill, soprano saxophone / dave dufort, drums / david bedford, keyboards / mike oldfield, guitar / kevin ayers badly dissguided ass "kirwin dear", bass and/or guitar / 1970 / from ear of beholder)
10 - kevin ayers and the wizzards of twiddly - short interlude (live in solingen 1995)
11 - the ultramarine big band - hymn (from the ultramarine hymn remixes 1996, featuring kevin ayers, lol coxhill, jimmy hastings and all the othererers)

12 - kevin ayers - hymn (demo 1972, unknown provenance, found on the "internet" in 1999) (listen directly)

13 - gong - clarence in wonderland (radio session, probably 1970. found on the history and the mystery of the planet gong and of course featuring kevin ayers)

14 - the soft machine - we did it again (11th of august 1968 live in davenport, iowa. mike ratledge, robert wyatt, kevin ayers. from the double-cd tanglewood tails, and included here because it sounds just like the following demo recording of the wilde flowers) (listen directly)
15 - the wilde flowers - you really got me (demo recording 1964, with robert wyatt on drums, hugh hopper on bass, brian hopper on guitar, and kevin ayers singinging. you may find out more about the wilde flowers in this=here blog way down below) (listen directly)

16 - kevin ayers - mr. cool (live in bremen 1976; more of this concert can be found in this=here your favouriot blog by following the following link)

17 - kevin ayers and the wizzards of twiddly - stranger in blue suede shoes (live in solingen 1995; i found this concert recording somewhere hidden in/or/on the internet in 2016 and you can do so as well, can't you?) (listen directly)
(mp3 /all scans and more included / direct download)


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing what appears to be a boatload of Kevin - Wowzer!

rev.b said...

'nother sweet compilation, w/ xtras. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Sadly missed.

Jeremy said...

Wonderful. I recently went exploring my Canterbury stuff again, along with GF Fitz-Gerald, and only then realised the connection between them. It reignited my interest in GFF-G and I bought "The Poppy Seed Affair", also on Reel Recordings, which features Lol Coxhill and sundry others that it turns out are on these tapes. When I saw this post I wondered whether GF might have snuck onto these recordings somehow, only to find he'd not only written the liner notes but apparently was the source of the tapes!
Anyway, these recordings are great, much more than historic interest. Thank you very much, and also for the additional miscellany!

Anonymous said...

thanks man