the wilde flowers featuring brian hopper, hugh hopper, robert wyatt and kevin ayers, and even mike ratledge, richard sinclair and zobe: everything they recorded between 1965 and 1969; plus a little bit more

the wilde flowers throughout the years 1965 to 1969 of course were brian hopper, hugh hopper, robert wyatt, richard coughlan, richard sinclair and kevin ayers, plus assorted friends and relatives like mike ratledege and the people of zobe: the prototype and the nucleus of the canterbury sound and scene. here you can see, hear and download the 1994 compilation of their work, plus some bonustracks i found in my collection.

both the original 1994 voiceprint version and the 2015 floating world release (including a bonus cd with twelve tracks of sessions and sketches falsely credited to the wilde flowers) do for one reason or any other not mention the three veryvery wonderful tracks that were hidden waydowndeep in the canterburied sounds collection from 1998, but of course they are included here, as well as a jimi hendrix version of a wilde flowers tune (well; almost a hendrix tune, but no, but then again, yes, but) and a precursering track by the hopper brothers. i hope you will enjoy this alternative alternative version.

so let's go-go!

01 - impotence    
02 - those words they say    
03 - memories (listen directly)
04 - don't try to change me    
05 - parchman farm    
06 - almost grown (listen directly)   
07 - she's gone    
08 - slow walkin' talk (listen directly
09 - he's bad for you    
10 - it's what i feel (a certain kind)    
11 - memories (instrumental)    
12 - never leave me    
13 - time after time (listen directly)   
14 - just where i want    
15 - no game when you lose    
16 - impotence (listen directly)
17 - why do you care (with zobe)   
18 - the pieman cometh (with zobe)   
19 - summer spirit (with zobe)   
20 - she loves to hurt (listen directly)   
21 - the big show    
22 - memories

the bonustracks:

23 - slow walkin' talk (jimi hendrix on bass, and robert wyatt all other instruments; recorded in 1968)
24 - johnny b. goode (listen directly)
25 - thinking of you, baby
26 - you really got me (listen directly)
(24-26: the wilde flowers 1964; with kevin ayers of course)

27 - kansas city / rip it up (brian and hugh hopper, summer of 1962)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Psychfan said...

Thanks very much! The bonus tracks are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, some really hip tunes. Kinda prog like arrangements and jazziness.


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Vielen danke aus Argentinien Das beste für 2021

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Very much looking forward to hearing some of the roots of Soft Machine one of my all time favourite bands. Many thanks!