kevin ayers live in bremen 1976. a way too short radio broadcast for you to fall in love again.

and though the music he released in 1976 was rather boring kevin ayers still was a very lovable and fascinating entity live on stage. on the 19th of august northwestgerman radio bremen recorded an evening with kevin ayers live at the famous postaula in bremen of which at least seven songs were broadcasted some days later. though we can only guess who was with him that evening it is most likely that ollie halsall played guitar, bill livsey probably was on keyboards, charlie mccracken played bass and rob townsend sat in on drums (any information on the flute player is welcome). the last song is a fragment, but it is interesting and sadly nostalgic to hear christian günther again, a linking anchor man for strange and popular music in the late sixties, who later on was the stadium announcer for werder bremen and who died rather untimely in 2001. 

ja: christian günther: kaum to underestimate. 

but back to kevin ayers: here is what you are going to hear: 
01 - may i?
02 - whatevershebringswesing 
03- shouting in a bucket blues 
04- observations 
05- lady rachel 
06- blue 
07- mister cool (fragment with christian günther) 
(mp3 / 320 kbps / listen with leftclick or download with rightclick / no scans) 


Hans said...

Hi, Thanks for this posting. I am not sure about the band he played with at that time. He toured in Europe after the Mananas LP (includes Blue & Mister Cool & Falling in Love). I saw them in Gent Belgium, cannot tell which year but must be 76 probably, and the band he was with as quite phenonamal : Andy Summers and Zoot Money.... Hans.

hh said...

Thanx, very interesting how different Ayers live interpretions are

soon will post some
'74 Ayers & The Soporifics


propylaen2001 said...

Can you post this in lossless format please?
Thanks and regards

propylaen2001 said...

Here is the complete Mr. Cool from this performance, ripped from the "Days In Ibiza" bootleg:


rvd said...

lossless ayers >>

hi joerg. i will try to upload the WAV-file next weekend. it is 450 mb, i hope it works. (bist du der jörg r. aus tübingen [format, rimpo etc]?)

best: rvd!

propylaen2001 said...

Super, aber kannst Du es nicht in FLAC machen? Dann brauchst Du nicht so lange mit dem Hochladen und Download geht natürlich auch schneller.
Nein, komme nicht aus Tübingen, bin in der Nähe von Pforzheim zu Hause.


rvd said...

lossless ayers again: ich wusste nicht dass meine kiste das kann: jetzt weiss ich es. ayers in lossless FLAC (260 mb) gibt es hier: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FE0GSWDW

gruss aus stuttgart! rvd

propylaen2001 said...

File ist gut angekommen. Vielen Dank!
Kannst Du mir noch ein bisschen mehr dazu sagen? Hast Du das selbst vom Radio aufgenommen? Selbst digitalisiert. Welche Geräte/Programme wurden dafür verwendet?
Bist Du der Ralf S.?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, there's no Hollie Halsall on this recording. The line up should be :

Kevin Ayers : guitar, voice
Andy Summers : guitar
Zoot Money : keyboards
Charlie McCracken : bass
Rob Townsend : drums
Bill Evans : flute

This is the same line up that recorded a BBC session in July and later in september 1976...

Hope it helps.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ulysses, ROFL.