james joyce in the attic: a collection of musings and snouds deadicated to the joy of re=ading joyce just force the pun of it: a pubertree of sketches of a puretreat; the wise noise of an angry old man


gored mournink, every borday, weer on the wate too the peeks of nurmal: a collecterrorable coumpilate=ion of zonks and zounds and zonderlightninks fond in the comptext and sorrowroundings and intrarelationings whizz and withink james joyce and mondeerning musicks: some eirerish folk, sum punk, sombre mouldern composer poser and comewaypoisition inner gesamenkunstwerk inspirelandered bye the mainmann himselph. 
it worse a lottayphoon crumpiling this stiff and for the potentialiriesierung of the funn i like to point your atthesion to the wonderbra=onesider=page the collected works of james joyce where you can read all hiss ulysses and wake and dubliners crap plussome poe=ms and fraqmints and veryeveryeavyandumble stoff he has every getting written off.

nowknowhow listen to his very voice and the veryvery works of musicks he has inspirered in the following, the diffi=cult is hear to stray, my belowed whombles. listen to some orff the snouds online or downlord the whole thing down.

01 - sturclub - golden hanky (stuttgart 2004: büchele, voran, siemers, dufour) (listen directly)
02 - arline carmen, contralto & john cage, piano - the wonderful widow of eighteen springs (live at town hall, new york, may 15, 1958) >>>
03 - syd barrett - golden hair (1969; take 6) >>>
04 - lorna windsor, voice & giancarlo simonacci, piano - the wonderful widow of eighteen springs (sala assunta, vatican city, may 2007) >>>
05 - arno schmidt - john peel (swr stuttgart, october 1961. schmidt reading a fragment of his translation of finnegans wake) (listen directly) >>>
06 - james joyce reading anna livia plurabelle from finnegans wake in 1929
07 - the dubliners - finnegans wake (semi=official live recording, probably 1998. in my collection i found two versions of the same live recording, one titled finnagans wake and the other finegans wake)
08 - john cage - excerpt from roaratorio (based on finnegans wake, wdr cologne 1979, riverrun) >>>
09 - sturclub the siemers voran duo talking about joyce and tits in 2009
10 - syd barrett - golden hair (1969; take 11) (listen directly)
11 - roger mcguinn - finnegans wake (live in denmark, 2006. found on sugarmegs)
12 - anna clementi, voice & steffen schleiermacher, piano - the wonderful widow of eighteen springs (bad arolsen, november 2000) >>>
13 - jim norton - three quarks (from the naxos version of finnegans wake, 1998) (listen directly) >>>
14 - james joyce reading an excerpt of ulysses in 1924
15 - joey ramone - the wonderful widow of eighteen springs (new york, 1993) >>>
16 - tufts electronic music ensemble - re:joyce (written by grace slick, live december 2012. found on youtube)
17 - venture lift - golden hair / chamber music 5 (from chamber music, 2008) >>>
18 - bardo pond - though i thy mithridates were / chamber music 27 (from chamber music, 2008)
19 - joyce reads joyce reads joyce siemers mix 2014
20 - john cage - writing for the fifth time through finnegans wake (wdr cologne 1984, riverrun) (listen directly)
21 - syd barrett - golden hair (1969; take 5)
22 - anna clementi, voice & steffen schleiermacher, piano - nowth upon night (bad arolsen, november 2000)
23 - lorna windsor, voice & giancarlo simonacci, piano - nowth upon night (sala assunta, vatican city, may 2007) (listen directly)
24 - sturclub - golden hair (stuttgart nineleven 2004)
25 - siemers - punk in finnegans wake (3rd of october 2017, württembergischer kunstverein in stuttgart) (listen directly) >>>
(mp3 / 155 mb / all pctures included)


Fanny Blancmange said...

This looks phabyouluss in its stuttering sputtering scatteration. Feelun d'anchor.


Liana Helas said...

For your collection ... (highly recommended & available soon) ...: https://lianahelas.blogspot.com/2022/06/s-w-19-ulise-22-edition-h-schroeder-16.html