the jesus and mary chain live in amsterdam 1985; including two versions of "jesus fuck"

and the headline says it all: this is the jesus and mary chain, live in amsterdam on the 11th of march 1985, and they were playing two versions of "jesus fuck", and a little bit more. that's all, almost. three of these tracks have been available on the "wall of psycho"-bootleg; but the entire concert has never been published before, as far as i know. so here we are now:

01 - in a hole
02 - vegetable man
03 - taste the floor
04 - you trip me up
05 - the living end
06 - jesus fuck
07 - inside me
08 - just like honey
09 - jesus fuck

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icastico said...

My stupid comment on this (thanks by the way, listening now and loving it). I played a warehouse show in El Paso Texas in 1895 in a band called Harriet and the Matches. We played feedback drenched drudge punk with nursery rhymes as lyrics with no rehearsal to open up for Tex and The Horseheads. The crowd of 3 dozen Texan punks liked us quite a bit (chanting "feedback, feedback, FEEDBACK" as loud as they could). After the set, hanging with the Horseheads while we all waited for Tex to find a fix so she cure her sickness enough to get on stage, one of the Horseheads talked about doing some shows with The Jesus and Mary Chain on their tour. His quote: "you guys are better than The Jesus and Mary Chain, and you're not assholes." I have always carried that complement as a badge of honor. Thus ends my stupid comment.