the jesus and mary chain live in 1987 as it was supplemented to an italian book of their lyrics etc in 1992

and yes and don't we all love the teenage jesus and his jerks and don't we all love the jesus and mary chain and don't we all listen to the full and overblown rereleases of their albums twice a day and yes i will yes i said yes we do - but still there are some of their sounds that are pretty hard to find.
in 1992 the italian label stampa alternativa edited a little book of JAMC-lyrics and miscellaneous information and included a 3"-cd with three live tracks, two of them recorded in umbertide on the 29th of august 1987 (the complete concert can be found on the bootleg rockin' umbria) and the third one was recorded in detroit on the 15th of november 1987 and may be found some where else or not i do not know...
and just in case you are going to burn these tracks on a 3"-cd as it was originally intended i added a ten-minute version of 'side walking' they executed live in new york on the 23rd of march 1992 to use the 20-minute-limitation of that wonderful medium to its full capacity.

download the jesus and mary chain live
(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download)

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