ivan kral: a very enjoyable collection of rare tracks based on the 1992 album native, featuring patti smith, john cale, iggy pop, PBCH and other friends and relatives

godspeed, ivan kral. his death was untimely, as every death is. let us celebrate his life with some of the music he recorded in the seventies, eighties and nineties of the last century and keep his name alive. without him punk would have turned the other way. here is some john cale influenced melancholia for you, some stooges handclapping, some latelayed bowie and a lot of ivan kral.

first of all we got the band native with their eponymous album. native were ivan kral on vocals and guitars, zbynek pavlicek on bass, and mackenzie brown on drums. the album was recorded in late october 1992 at the monongo studios in berlin and was released on the german zensor label the same year. 

here we go-go:

01 - cry for more (listen directly)
02 - cat walk
03 - alive (tell me) (listen directly)
04 - break down her silence
05 - spirit
06 - crazy about you
07 - turn to me
08 - photographed
09 - slow down (listen directly)
10 - don't have answers
11 - way down below
12 - give me love

second of all this is followed by four songs from the 1995 album nostalgia featuring ivan kral on vocals and guitars, andrej seban on guitars and keyboards, emil frátrik on drums, andmarek minárik on bass:

13 - perfect moon (ivan kral on strings, andrej seban on guitar, john cale on piano, and patti smith sings) (listen directly)

14 - rains again (written by ivan kral and patti smith)

15 - speak to me (written by ivan kral and iggy pop)

16 - ahah (featuring david koller, PBCH, robert kodym and michal dvorák) (listen directly)

third of all there are three songs released as a maxi-cd complementating the album nostalgia in 1996:

17 - shoes (taken from the album)
18 - no one (live in prague, october 1995)
19 - dancing barefoot (live in prague, october 1995) (listen directly)

force of all are two songs ivan kral recorded live as a part of the iggy pop band on the 26th of september 1980 at the bookie's club in detroit; the show omitting these two tracks has been released halflegally on easy action in 2018, the missing tracks can only found on the lust for life bootleg and here:

20 - hassels
21 - louie louie / hang on sloopy (listen directly)

and fifth but not least we got a live version of one of the many songs ivan kral wrote for the patti smith group:

22 - pumping my heart (bottom line, new york, 27th of december 1975) (listen directly)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


Mr Pinkwhistle said...

Good to have these in one place to appreciate his talent. Thanks!

Orwellian said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I love Ivan Kral's guitar playing--especially with Iggy! - Stinky