like father, like son: peter and caspar brötzmann blowing each other's mind

his machine gun attack in 1968 was louder than war, it was harsh and vibrant, and it was punk before sid vicious was even born. here you can hear the german adolphesax-player peter brötzmann some twentytwo years later in bad coumpany and not accompanicked with/by the uncontrollable guitar noise of his son caspar. a morethanharmful and mindbending experience.

caspar and peter brötzmann recorded these pictures of lily live in a studio in brooklyn way back in august 1990. caspar in those days of course had is own freepunkfreakjazzband massaker, and peter brötzmann was freelanzanating and blowing his horn wherever he went. these recordings were released in abbreviatedited form as a longplayer on vinyl and in extended versions as a cd with two bonustracks. the tracklength documented on the cover is refering to the vinyl version, i added the running time of the cd-version in brackets.

in the download-file below you will of course find the slightly longer cd-version of these recordings, plus a bonustrack by the caspar-brötzmann-massaker i found on the mortar compilation.

so here we go-go:

01 - die, saurier, die 3:53 (listen directly)
02 - talk to the canoe driver 10:10
03 - last home 2:25 (4:39) (listen directly)
04 - little man in the boat 2:15 (5:42)
05 - doozandazzy 5:45 (4:30) (listen directly)
06 - yazzihamper 4:32 (5:00)
07 - witch hazel in the dark afternoon 5:02 (5:46)
08 - fette biester 5:50 (listen directly)
09 - tantarabobs 16:27

the bonustrack:

10 - the caspar-brötzmann-massaker - massaker 13:30
(caspar brötzmann guitar vocals / eduardo delgado bass vocals / frank neumeier drums / recorded live at ccam in nancy in 1990)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)

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Anonymous said...

I was unaware of this recording so, as a huge fan of both father & son, I am anxious to hear what they get up to. Many thanks!