the 39 clocks live in oldenburg 1983. plus friends and relatives.

the 39 clocks were like the motörhead stalinorgel of the northgerman psycho beat movement in the early eighties of the last century: loud, louder, louderest, most annoying and completely ignoring their audiences. great. a mindset attitude rarely experienced before. only decades later we got to know their dignified sensibility.

the heartcore nucleus of the 39 clocks of course were JG39 and CH39 aka jürgen gleue (voices, instruments) and christian henjes (instruments, voices), both hannover residents. between 1980 and 1987 they released four albums, two singles and very few tracks on long lost compilations. in addition to their rhythm machine and occasional guest musicians they were backed up live and on vinyl by the atomic clock precision of rüdiger klose, the most unimpeachable drummer in the world.

thankworthy the great brotbeutel and the wonderful dorfdisco braunsfeld are sharing most of the music the 39 clocks have released throughout the years and some more. the music of the 39 clocks was always very close to me and so it did not come to my attention that it was almost unavailable for a complete new and younger generation. visit both weblogs to find the basic and fundamental principles of psycho beat.

what we have here to share today are some of the few live recordings that have survived in my collection, and yes: there are more to come. side one of this compactcassette is a raw audience recording of a concert that took place in oldenburg on the 10th of february 1983. on the first six tracks you can hear the trio outburst of JG, CH and the mad high hatter rüdiger klose. after a short break they are joined by a bass player for four more tracks (matthias arfmann of kastrierte philosophen was in the audience, maybe he joined: no one seems to remember). side two starts with two more tracks from the same concert. following is one beauty contest track live in hamburg, no given date. this was the band CH formed or joined when he had moved to hamburg after the untimely split of the 39 clocks. then the before mentioned kastrierte philosophen come up with three tracks live in hannover on the 5th of november 1983. and the reminder of the tape are the 39 clocks again with three tracks live in bremen on the 9th of february 1983. enjoy.

39 clocks oldenburg 1983-02-10
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39 clocks oldenburg 1983-02-10 plus heavy friends
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herr Ärmel said...

great, thanks a lot for this rare item, never listen to it before. I make a little bit promotion for this and your fine blog in the dorfdisco braunsfeld,
all the best
herr Ärmel

Anonymous said...

Großartige Band!

Hob Gob said...

hello, I am a recent convert to the musics of 39 Clocks through to Phantom Payn. I wondered if you could do perhaps a post on them from start to now (if they still are involved with music?), as I imagine the story is pretty interesting, hard to find so much on them in English! I asked the Brotbeautel guy too.. I'm also looking for Phantom Payn's 'Bad Vibes, Anyone?' and 'Afternoon non-happenings' if you have them?! Thanks for all your work here, much appreciated!