sustain the nurse with wound list: basic scaffolds

the nurse with wound list is an itemization of about 300 artists and bands that steve stapleton in 1979 claims to have influenced the music of nurse with wound. most citations are obvious, some remain obscure. this here weblog and some of my other parameterisations are nolens volens referring to that list at some point, so for your and my pleasure here is the complete list with some passing comments and corrections. by the time being 30 years have passed and most of the music of most of the listed bands and artists can be found by asking your preferred vendor or within the wonderful world of file sharing weblogs. but some songs remain unheard and some nuggets will be unearthed right here for the first time. this post will be updated whenever new content is found or created.

the list:

all-7-70 alternative tv alvaro ame son amm music amon duul amon duul 2 anima annexus quam arbeite och fritid arcane v archaia archimedes badkar area gilbert artman art bears art zoyd iii arzachel robert ashley ash ra tempel association pc il balletto di bronzo banten franco battiato han bennink jacques berrocal biglietto per linferno birge gorge shiroc blue sun ra raymond boni don bradshaw leather brainstorm brainticket brast burn brave new world anton bruhin brühwarm theatre franz de byl john cage can capsicum red captain beefheart chamberpot checkpoint charlie chene noir chillum chrome cohelmec ensemble jean cohen solal collegium musicum roberto colombo companyia electrica dharma comus cornucopia creative rock cro magnon david cunningham dadazuzu wolfgang dauner debris decayes dedalus dharma quintet dies irae doodooettes philippe doray jean dubuffet dzyan eiliff emtidi eroc etron fou le loublan exmagma patrizio fariselli faust luc ferrari fille qui mousse floh de cologne food brain walter franco friendsound fred frith gash ron geesin gila god in disguise gomorrha gong john greaves and peter blegvad fernando grillo grobschnitt group 1850 jean guerin friedrich gulda guru guru hairy chapter hampton grease band henry cow heratius hero hugh hopper horde catalytque pour la fin ibliss linfonie international harvester iskra island jan dukes de grey king crimson basil kirchin kluster frank kolges kollektiv rote rube komintern kraftwerk krokodil steve lacy lard free le forte four lily limbus 3 and 4 bernard lubat alvin lucier magma colette magny mahjun mahogany brain malfatti and wittwer michael mantler albert marcoeur maschine nummer neun mate and vallancien costin miereanu min bul modry efekt anthony moore mothers of invention moving gelatine plates fritz müller thierry muller musica electronica viva music improvisation company mythos napoli centrale NEU! nico night sun nine days wonder nosferatu nu creative methods oktober yoko ono operation rhino opus avantra out of focus ovary lodge tony oxley parker and lytton pataphonie pauvros and bizien pere ubu pierrot lunaire plastic ono band plastic people of the universe pole pop group michel portal red crayola red noise reform art unit steve reich achim reichel residents catherine ribeiro and alpes terry riley rockys filj ron pates debonairs roth ruhm and wiener ray russell terje rypdal martin saint pierre samla mammas manna gunter schickert second hand secret oyster seesselberg semool sonny sharrock silberbart siloah soft machine sperm sphinx tush karlheinz stockhausen stooges demetrio stratos supersister tamia tangerine dream technical space composers crew mama bea tekielski third ear band thirsty moon this heat jacques thollot thrice mice throbbing gristle paolo tofani tomorrows gift ton steine scherben trans museq uli trepte twenty sixty six and then univers zero christian vander velvet underground verto patrick vian michel waisvisz igor wakhevitch trevor wishart woorden robert wyatt xhol caravan xhol la monte young frank zappa zweistein znr agitation free pekka airaksinen airway albrecht/d. alcrataz algarnas tradgard anal magic and reverend dwight frizzel aqsak maboul steve beresford philippe besombes cabaret voltaire henri chopin crass come deep freeze mice der plan deutsch-amerikanische freundschaft dome cupol roger doyle family fodder flying lizards free agents jef gilson glaxo babies good missionaries grand magic circus ragnar grippe pierre henry juan hidalgo horrific child martin davorin jagodic osamu kitajima lemon kittens magical power mako mama dada 1919 mars mnemonists moolah negativland new phonic art nihilist spasm band orchid spangiafora poison girls public image ltd bomis prendin boyd rice claudio rocchi smegma sally smmit snatch taj mahal travellers ghedalia tazartes tokyo kid brothers tolerance l voag lawrence weiner james white and the contortions whitehouse wired iannis xenakis ya ho wha 13

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continuo said...

It would be most interesting to discuss what is missing on this list -- no Harry Bertoia, no Harry Partch, no Henry Wolff & Nancy Jennings, etc. And why does someone have to make such a list, of all things? I have the feeling the list's perimeter is far too narrow and not that open minded as a 'free music' fan should be. A lot of young people are considering this list as a holly Bible nowadays, whereas it strikes me as in need for some fresh air. Don't you think so?