limbus: a passing note to the nurse with wound list

limbus: the appendix "3" or "4" interdepended to the actual number of musicians involved: matthias knieper was in and out of limbus some times; odysseus artner, bernd henninger and gerd kraus were always there. the three or four of them can be heard treating cello, flutes, piano, bass, violin and tons of other instruments they came upon on the two albums "new atlantis (cosmic music experience 1969)" and "mandalas" that i presuppose are experiencing an outstanding attention in your collection. if for any reason these albums are not part of your library you can always find them in the worldwidewonderful net of filesharing weblogs (copyleft sharing is a fine art). but here is more, of course.

limbus 4 were part of the morning show at the 12th german jazz festival on the 22nd of march 1970 hold in frankfurt/main. they executed a version of kudalini completely different to the one they released on record.

limbus 4 - kundalini frankfurt 1970-03-22

metabolimbus: 30 years later, one year before the hystrogenious change of the millenium, gerd kraus of all limbus fame (keyboards and enviromental soundings) met with thomas schätzl (bass and guitars) and werner (cantrememberhisname: guitars and bass) from metabolismus and david knispel-kiwus (more guitars) from kopfende. their performance was great and a lot of fun, but the conclusion found the least common denominator. but: still better than worse: and still: three german legends in phase.

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